MLM Distributors Don’t Need to Fake it to Build Your MLM Business

MLM distributors back when I began my MLM career in the mid 1980’s were told by their up line that in order to look successful to potential prospects they should “fake it until I make it.” I was among those MLM distributors that received this “sage” advice. Now over the years I received a lot of advice on how to build my MLM business, some of it was absolutely life changing and some of it was downright horrible. The advice I received about “faking it” was among some of the worst advice I have ever received.
MLM distributors are told the first action step to building your MLM Bbc News Uk London was to develop a written names list. Building your MLM business is driven solely by word of mouth, period. No advertising, no commercials, no banners ads, no flyers; building your MLM business is about one person talking to another person. Sadly a number of MLM businesses are still being run like this today.
So MLM distributors would take out a clean sheet of paper and begin to make a list of people that they know, like family, friends and co-workers etc. So let us look back on the original sage advice about “fake it until Types Of Business Contracts you make it.” An MLM distributor is armed with two pieces of information at this point, a list of his family, friends and co-workers and the sage advice of being dishonest with the people that know them the best!
Is it any wonder that this “technique” was doomed from the beginning? Throughout the 70’s, 80′ and most of the 1990’s our industry was given a black eye by people that took this advice and took it to a whole new level.
Most people in the industry took this advice and bought things that they couldn’t afford so that they would look more successful, such as, clothes, cars and in some cases homes. Even though these MLM distributors were not making any money, they were trying to show their down line that they were through the “fake it until you make it” strategy.
Solution: As an MLM Distributor, choose positioning over “faking it” to build your MLM business. The best way to position you as an MLM distributor with integrity is to “Master” the skills necessary to build your MLM business. So what does it mean to “master” the skills necessary to build your MLM business?
First of all choose the number one thing that if you mastered it, your business would thrive. So let us take for example lead generation. The best way to position you as an expert MLM distributor with integrity is to choose a lead generation strategy and work at it until you become very successful at it. Then you are in a position as an MLM distributor to be referred to as an expert in that skill. Now you can make honest claims and people will want to work with you as a leader.

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