Making the Most Out of Your Next Event

As a small business owner, you are busy running your business. Events pose an amazing opportunity but are not always easy to find time to plan for or attend. Here are a few tips to help guide you to a maximized return on your investment:
1. Create an event gameplan – ensure you maximize your lead generation and sale conversions – This is a strategy document that forces you to think about what you are going Entrepreneurship Examples to do and how you are going to do it. Time and time again you can find yourself circumventing time consuming or costly errors by thinking things out ahead of time.
2. Plan to stand out – your goal should be to become memorable to prospective customers. Whether it be by booth design, Characteristics Of Business Finance In Points giveaways or personalities, invest some time in to finding your uniqueness among a slew of vendors vying for attention.
3. Reach out before and after – In your strategy make sure to include pre- and post-event steps. With permission from event organizers, deliver a message via email before the event to introduce your company and a carefully crafted message to follow up and set appointments.
4. Don’t forget traditional sales efforts – As a business owner, get used to receiving only marginal responses from email campaigns alone. These efforts work best when coupled with other efforts such as telephone marketing where appropriate.
5. Seek consultation – There are many experienced marketing professionals out there that would be more than willing to provide advice. If not, hire a marketing consultation firm like Calo Maketing and Design (plug!)
These firms can also help generate leads on-site and in your booth. Whether you can’t make the event or would like an extra person to help nurture leads during the event, there are marketing firms that provide professionals to help fill your needs.
Keep it energetic, unless you’re selling coffins or the like, and stand out! Good luck.

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