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Well if you think you stand a good chance of getting a ticket for the 2012 Olympics you maybe in luck, but it is highly likely that the opening and closing ceremonies will already be virtually sold out.
How can this be I hear you say when tickets do not go on sale until an estimated date of Mid-2012. Well that is because as ever all of the major Olympic sponsors (you know the big names) get given massive amounts of ‘options’ to buy tickets for the opening and closing games. I believe this is decided at IOC level and not by the organisers of London 2012. It is believed this will also apply to other premium events such as 100m, 1500m finals as an example.
This means that tickets for both the opening and closing of the games will be at a premium. Indeed tickets are already being offered on the internet for the opening of London 2012 at £3,000 per person. But do not be tempted as the ticket touting laws may well be changed between now and 2012, meaning that even if you secure a seat at £3,000 you could find it non-transferable and hence worthless.
The other perfectly legal scam is that you could be sold a ticket for £3,000 and then be told at the last minute that they it is not available. When you ask for your money back it is returned but not the full £3,000, as the company that Business Finance In Hindi sold you the ticket is only obliged to return you the face value money of the ticket, estimated £75-100. Thus there are those out there who will make a killing from selling London 2012 tickets that they never have any intention of delivering.

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