Juan Antonio Gets the Impossible With Naomi Watts

Juan Antonio Bayona, the Spanish film maker best known for The Orphanage, his highly acclaimed horror film has been taken in to direct The Impossible, a film which is said to be based on a true story set around the Tsunami of 2004 in the Indian Ocean. Juan debuted in 2007 as a director and made waves with his directorial venture. He is back for this drama, the rights to which have been bought by Summit Entertainment. They have also roped in majors stars of international repute, primarily, Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts. This would be Naomi Watts’ second feature film with Summit Entertainment. The Impossible starts shoot in August in Spain after which the crew will head off to Thailand according to sources.
Bayona met Sergio G Sanchez in 2004, who at that was working on a short film and was then made a collaborator with Bayona in The Orphanage. Now the responsibility of developing a credible story for The Impossible has also been handed to this man. The script of this film is said to be a mixture of science fiction, mystery and horror to provide for a compelling Business Management Notes entertainer. A tale of truth and facts set on the lines of a natural disaster always makes for a great script and no less is expected from this duo. There has been a lot of speculation on the possible roles that Watts and McGregor will be playing. Most probably it will be that of holidaying tourists or aid workers in the aftermath is what some sources say.
Summit Entertainment is a relatively new and small studio that has not had too many hits barring the Twilight series and recently, the Oscar winner, The Hurt Locker. It recently concluded a deal to the rights of another Naomi Watts star, Fair Game, which was also at France 24 Youtube Cannes this year. The Impossible, backed by Summit with a budget of around $45 million, is expected to be a good second film for the director after his first foray. And with a credible ensemble in cast and crew, maybe we might see this one at Cannes too in 2011.

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