Jessica Hahn Playboy Lingerie – Get it Now

Jessica Hahn is back in the news, topping the popular search lists on Google. For those of you who aren’t familiar with her, Jessica Hahn is a a model, actress, and former church secretary best known for her sex scandal with televangelist Jim Bakker. Why is she Investing Into Companies back in the headlines? Something to do with her coming onto Larry King. We don’t care about the suspenders-wearing CNN talk show host, but we do care a lot about Jessica Hahn’s multiple Playboy pictorials, or specifically, the lingerie she’s wearing in them.
Our mission here is to know everything there is to know about lingerie, and be able to find you exactly what you need at any time. Today, we’ll show you where to get an outfit similar to the lingerie Jessica Hahn is wearing in the classic image, pictured above left. We found at Red Carpet Lingerie the Red and Black Lace Corset, pictured on the right, that should have you looking like Jim Bakker’s ex in no time. Plus, it comes with those sexy wings, and it’s up to you whether to keep it on or not.
On the subject of Playboy lingerie, here are some great looks available for you to buy from Playboy’s collection:
1. Sexy Red Hot Devil Costume
2. Sexy Schoolgirl Costume
3. Sexy Red Riding Hood Costume
These sexy outfits are of a higher quality (and price) than many others out there, coming direct from Playboy, so expect amazing results when wearing them.
Go sleeveless in a sexy chemise! Play peek-a-boo in a nude bra! Hold tight in a form fitting bustier or corset! Show Nature Of Business Organisation off your seductive side in a revealing camisole or thong! Or make it a very good night in an enticing teddy!

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