Isn’t It Time You Make Training Distributors in MLM Less Stressful?

How come every time you bring a new distributor into your team you’re extremely happy but just a few short weeks later you’ve put a lot of your time and effort in to them to see no progress? Wouldn’t it be much nicer to be able to systematically sit back and do half the work focusing on other tasks that need to be done. At the same time being able to see if your new distributor is worth putting your time into. Keep paying attention especially if you’re just starting out because this could help you so you don’t have to go through what most network marketers go through every day.
Now this all relates back to the old school tactics of training distributors. You bring them into your organization get them excited and give them all the training you can in order for them to get out there and get their first sale or sign up. Depending how dedicated you are to training distributors. Sock Markets If you were hardcore like my dad was you would be on the phone with them everyday checking in giving them a pep talk. But after about 2 weeks you start becoming more of a baby sitter and their dad who has to keep telling them the same thing over and over and they just don’t do it.
I grew up and watched my dad do this for years and so the moment I turned 18 and joined my first company I followed in his foot steps. So I joined forces with my dad and we held meetings at the hotels and drove around all day setting up 3 day trials for people to buy our product, cold calling every where and bringing in distributors. I was so jacked up because I saw the potential and so did the distributors I brought in.
However I ended up putting all my time in to distributor training because I thought they were all gonna be like me and do what it takes to be successful. Well boy was I wrong I should have learned from all those years of watching people come in and out my dads businesses.
I thought there had to be a better way but unfortunately there wasn’t back then because the internet was barely getting started. But now there is a much better way by using the Internet for training distributors in an automated fashion. What you need to do to help yourself out by not working so hard with the newbies is to kick the old school ways to the side and get in to the automation era.
1) Build an Informational Website on your business with allthe questions you have been asked before or expect being asked. You can just build a free WordPress Blog. So the first thing you can give your new distributor is the website and tell them if they can’t find the answer on your site then feel free to email you or if it’s urgent call you. Of course when you first talk with your distributor you need to listen to what they want and make sure to answer their questions, be Positive and encourage them because this could be the next superstar in your company.
2) It is very important that you find an program that coincides with MLM that can help them in building a huge Reuters News Today online without you having to take the time to teach them how to do it.
3) Find a very good program that teaches Pay Per Click marketing for beginners to experienced users. This is a very effective marketing strategy for them to start getting leads right away.
4) Find a program that teaches them how to use forums and how to find the forums that are best for their business niche. You could also find forums that are only focused on MLM, networking, and online marketing for them and have a list on your informational website for them.
5) Find a program that teaches blogging and writing articles so they can be able to generate free leads. Especially if they are on a tight budget and have more time than money. This is a great marketing strategy and will make them have to grow their knowledge of the business their in. If they can’t afford a program find free online article writing information for them and post it to your website for them.
Every thing revolves around automation these day’s and more things you can automate the more time and money you will create. You want to be a Leader to them so try to give them as much free information as possible that you can give to them on your informational website. However there are programs out there that offer Top of the line training and have a lot more information than you do so keep that in mind for the distributors who can afford to educate themselves further. So for yourself you should keep your eyes open for these other programs that you can benefit from and you can suggest to your distributors. The more help and information you can give your team the more chance you give them to succeed and the bigger your business will grow.
So it is really quite EASY to automate training distributors and it will allow you to filter out the ones who work and the one’s that just think about it. Now you have a way that you can cut your list down and work with the distributors who take the training and start creating leads. I urge you take my advice and don’t end up like the 97% percent of Network Marketers that are failing in our industry and it’s not because lack of desire.

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