Is Your Product a Service Or is Your Service a Product?

If you run a service business, then one could say that the product you are selling is just that; Service. Thus, you better have reliable, consistent, and quality services and the price better be in line with the competition. If you fail to meet your customer’s expectations, even if they are somewhat low; as in not expecting much, like the garbage service for instance; as long as the trash is picked up on garbage day, you don’t really give a darn about much else.
But what happens when you sell an actual product and during the recession you find your competition bundling service with their products. This completely Business Management Definition changes the game, and it is getting to the point that a company that sells a product ends up competing against those who sell services or vice-versa.
Harvard Sky News Trump Commercial Review in November of 2009 had an article which suggested that companies do more service bundling with their products to hold their customers, solve their challenges, and keep the cash flow going when times get tough or during recessionary; or in this case recovery periods in the economy.
The writer made some excellent points and it was a decent article “BUT” it had occurred to me after being in the service business for some 27-years before retirement and operating in some 23-states in the US, that the college professor missed something in his excellent essay. You see, one of the main points should have been for companies to stop classifying products and services regardless of the economy.
In good time, people are busy, they don’t have time, they want bundled services and products. A company should stop considering if they are a product or service business and start considering themselves a “solution” solver, after all that is really what customers want and it hardly matters if we are in a recession or not. Please consider all this.

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