Is Obama Really a “Big Chicken” to Go on Fox News?

It is often quite humorous to listen to the political news in the evenings, all the rhetoric, half-truths, gotcha’s, and controversy along with all the sound and fury gets to be a bit much at times. Americans just love to comment about stuff, and if we cannot complain, frazzle the opposition, or make fun of something, we are simply not having fun yet. About the funniest thing I’ve heard is Fox News ranting and raving that President Obama is afraid to sit down and debate health care reform on their news station.
But, is Obama Really a “Big Chicken” to Go On Fox News; because, he sure doesn’t look like a big chicken (big bird the cartoon character) to me. Still, I suppose if the celebrities of FoxNews say it enough, he’ll have no choice since our president is a Populist Leader. However, Successful Company List is this really the right way to get an interview with the President, and even if they do get the interview or debate in this case, what’s in it for him? Now mind you, I am not an Obama supporter, but it is rather laughable all this bantering that goes on these days.
Fact is no matter what news station you listen too, there is an awful lot of talk and some sort of a political leaning. CNN, CBS, NBC lean to the left, and Fox News picks up the difference and leans right. It’s not necessarily good Business Management Education Requirements or bad, it is just the way we do things around here. My hope is everyone can take a deep breath and just laugh about it all, rather than have to take to the streets like the Iranians did. Boy are we lucky to live in the USA.

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