Is Halo-Reach the Best Game in the Series?

Halo: Reach is the upcoming (and final chapter) from current developer studios Bungie, ending their reign over the Xbox 360’s Halo franchise. Set in 2552 on the human planet Reach, you once again adopt the Spartan armour as Noble 6 and, along with Noble Squad, the player will have to defend their planet from the onslaught that is the Covenant. However Halo: Reach will be a prequel to Bungie’s orignal award winning “Halo: Combat Evolved” game.
Originally designed to be an updated version of the Xbox 360’s Halo franchise entry Halo 3, which was a masssive hit despite the isssues Sky News Overseas that some gamers had with it, the idea was scrapped, Bungie stating they would rebuild and improve the quality of the Halo 3 designs.
Referring back to the Halo: Combat Evolved concept designs, this effectively means that the new weapon, armour and Famous Entrepreneurs enemy designs in Halo: Reach will differ greatly from earlier entries but retain the spirit of the franchise.
Hinting that Bungie will not leave the Xbox 360 Halo franchise without a bang, the company are looking to dramatically increase the visual performance of all gaming aspects, right down to the weaponry. This clearly required Bungie to create an all new engine for Halo: Reach, with the AI being improved and tweaked to provide better support for the player as they encounter the Covenant.
So after all this talk of combining vastly improved graphics and improved AI and designs, will Bungie leave Xbox 360’s Halo franchise on a high and maintain their reputation for creating the finest FPS for the Xbox 360 console? The only way to be sure is to pick up a copy when it comes out later this year!

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