Inflatable Dinghies, Yachts or Boat Tenders

Inflatable dinghies can also be called inflatable yachts or boat tenders. This is because the use to which they are put is generally included in the description of them. The choice available to a purchaser is varied and the final decision is usually made according to individual tastes.
They come in lengths from around 7.5′ and go up to 15′, though the longer the length, the fewer the manufacturers there are who make them for the mass market. It is possible to find ‘bespoke’ manufacturers for inflatable dinghies though, through a search on the internet.
One of the obvious, but often overlooked, characteristics of inflatable dinghies, yachts or boat tenders is that once inflated, the inside length and width are considerably smaller than the outside dimensions. The reason is that the air chambers, of which there are usually three, fill up with air, pushing them inwards towards the floor space. The effect this has is most noticeable on the number of people in the boat. Leg room and seating space may feel restricted.
The amount of load inflatable dinghies can take is surprisingly large. How Investments Work Those in the 14′ bracket can take loads of around 2000 lbs.
With some manufacturers, the keel may take on a deep ‘V’, with others, the ‘V’ is noticeably not pronounced. Flat floors have become popular in inflatable dinghies, yachts and boat tenders. These are often made of marine quality plywood held flat with an aluminum frame. Sea Eagle is particularly strong on the concept of the flat floor in the Sea Eagle 14′ Sport Runabout where fiberglass plays a role in the transom and the floorboards are tough plastic.
The material from which the inflatable dinghies, yachts and boat tenders are made will usually play a part in determining the price. PVC is a strong durable material, but cheaper to manufacture than hypalon. Mercury has a 14′ dinghy where hypalon is used in the manufacturing process, though generally the material used is 1000 denier plus, which has been reinforced.
Most of the inflatable dinghies, yachts and boat tenders which are above 14′ in length are capable of carrying 30 – 40 horsepower motors and have in place a suitable engine mounting plate. None of them are sold together with engines though. Entrepreneur Salary Any ‘packages’ will include oars, a pump for inflation, seats and a carry bag. These small boats are not lightweight. They often weigh above 150lbs once they have been set up, because the rigid floorboards add weight to them.
Maxxon, Saturn, Mercury and Sea Eagle manufacture inflatable dinghies above and below 14′ while Seamax, Intex, Zodiac, RST, Sevylor and Stansport can be included for dinghies below 14′.

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