Important Facts Regarding Propan-2-Ol

Propan-2-ol is commonly known as isopropyl alcohol and is a popular substance as you know it. It is usually sold in pharmacies as a disinfectant with concentrations around 70%. This chemical is a colorless liquid under room temperature Telegraph Business and is quite flammable. This substance comes by several names and may be labeled as isopropanol or isopro or IPA. It is also known as 2-propanol as it has the same chemical formula as propanol but only differ in structure.
Chemists classify isopropyl alcohol as a secondary alcohol because the carbon atom linked to the OH atoms is also linked to two more carbon atoms. This is why it can be reduced in the presence of oxidizing agents. Oxidation of isopropyl alcohol yields acetone. This alcohol is produced by combining propylene or propene Entrepreneur Salary with water and sometimes this may involve presence of strong acids like sulphuric acid. Direct process involving high grade water and propylene is usually the one employed in Europe. Separating the alcohol and water after the reaction process can be challenging because it requires sophisticated means of distillation.
This alcohol is commonly used as a household disinfectant and cleaning agent. It is a cheap alternative to other sanitizers in the market and is known by common consumers as rubbing alcohol, which can be seen in almost every home’s medicine cabinet. The coolant properties of isopropyl alcohol can be quickly observed when using it on the skin. It evaporates quickly and effectively lowers the body temperature and this advantage was once used to help alleviate fever in children, but the use of this alcohol for this purpose is now considered inappropriate.
While this substance is considered to be generally harmless and non-toxic, it can be dangerous in certain situations. The concentrated forms of this chemical is extremely flammable and is incompatible with oxidizing agents. There are also reports that this alcohol can be absorbed through the skin and can harm certain organs in the body. Although it is non-toxic under typical circumstances, it is dangerous when ingested.
We are talking about a solvent which blends well with water, chloroform, benzene, and acetone. It has also found its way into the industrial area as a cleaning agent, used in removing oils on surfaces of certain electronic devices. In fact, it is used to remove dirt found on keyboards especially in hard to reach spots which is in between keys. It evaporates quickly without leaving traces of moisture, which can cause damage to electronic parts.
Isopropyl alcohol has an extremely low freezing point and it lowers the freezing point of water to make a solution that is an effective de-icing agent. This colligative property is utilized in helping prevent water freezing in fuel pipes. Apart from that, it allows water to become soluble in gasoline to keep it from freezing during cold weather.
Various isopropanol suppliers provide for a wide range of companies from pharmaceuticals to computer and electronics companies.

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