I Can’t Pay My Firm’s Wages After Christmas

We often get calls here ate the Help with Debt free helpline form distraught company directors who confess that they will be unable to pay their staff Investmentnetwork In wages, either before or after Christmas. Obviously they want to do all they can not to ruin Christmas for staff but they do not know what to do.
Christmas is a very busy time for those engaged on the insolvency industry. The festive period is tough for a small Small Businesses That Succeed as it combines the payment of wages early coupled with up to a two week lay off for staff during which no revenue is being earned. If the business has been strong through the year, it can weather this buffer, if not it can be the death knell.
We are able to look dispassionately at matters and offer solutions which may be able to save something of the business whilst leaving the debt ridden company in liquidation. For as little as £5,000, we can convene a meeting of creditors who will declare the old company insolvent and resolve to wind it up. We can then assist you in creating a new company which will be able to buy the assets and goodwill of the old business for fair value. You can restructure the new business by cutting costs and staff if necessary.
You can enter the New Year with renewed enthusiasm, and the ability to pay wages and move forward. Sometimes it is important to realise that a business has run its natural course. We have seen too many businesses stay afloat with personal money introduced by directors, which will not save the business and never be repaid. That cash is better providing working capital for a new debt free business.
If you cannot pay your company wages at this time of year, consider the Administration or Liquidation option and do so before it is too late.

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