How to Win As A MonaVie Distributor

Now most likely you have either, recently joined the company or have been with them for a while and you are wondering how to get from the bottom of the distributor barrel where roughly 96% of people are, into that less than 1% bracket of the distributors where all the big money is.
Well the secret is SKILLS….
That’s it. Well not entirely, most people when they start they are told to write down the 100 people they know that could either, be interested in making more money on the side or getting healthier. As such you will put down all of your friends, family and acquaintances and you will or would have started going through that list telling anyone who will listen how great it is…. and how they can make money. Now one out of two things will happen, they will either just ignore you and your calls for a while till they think that the MonaVie bug has passed through your system. Or they will just straight up say NO…. There maybe one or two people that will join you out of your list and there will be some momentum in your business as a MonaVie distributor for a couple of weeks and if you are lucky months. After which the inevitable will happen and the people who joined you will quite because it’s too hard and they are not getting anywhere and neither are you.
Now neither of these events not doomsday or me being a naysayer or a wet blanket, it’s what is happening now and will continue to happen unless you take some action to win. Now there are a few steps that you need to take in order to start winning.
Step 1
Get some skills, yes I said it again more you learn the more you will earn, period. Most people who join as Monavie distributors, have no experience in Business Management Definition MLM and think that their previous skills, will be enough, sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. But why gamble with your ability to make more money.
So the first set of skills to get will enable you build a strong foundation within your mind. So that you will be able believe you will be able to reach the level you want to get to and this is very important, as if you cannot believe you can make it then you never will. You can learn these skills by buying and READING… books like The Richest Man in Babylon, The Secret, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and The Greatest Sales Man in the World (the books won’t help you much if they just gather dust and are not read). Now the great thing about these books is that they change your mindset so that you are able to become the person who makes the money you want to make.
Money Skills Sky Business News
Ohh.. I am sure you would want to have had these ones first…
There are two types of money skills to get, online and offline.
Offline skills enable you to not be a babbling fool when trying to explain what your company is all about and how it can help the person you are talking to, as well as not scaring them off by appearing like a door to door sales person (who would want to join this person… they would want to avoid all MonaVie distributors).So that they can consider what you have said and then most likely join you. Also these skills show how to teach those people that join you to be successful as well, as if you are unable to teach others you will be unable to leverage off the work of others. Now these skills you can get through listening to MLM Leaders like Big Al Schrieter, Mike Dillard, Mark Hooverson, Tracey Walker, Elon Bomani to name a few. Mind you it’s just a matter of purchasing their products and doing what it is that they tell you to do. The awesome thing about this is you have someone who was once where you are showing you how to get to the top.
Then lastly there are online skills, these teach you how to build your business online through the internet. So that you can build your business internationally on autopilot through means such as internet marketing, pay-per click advertising and many more. Again many of the leaders above would have products to show you how to do this.
Step 2
Implement what you have learnt in step 1, rinse and repeat. But most importantly continue to learn more skills that you can continue to increase your check.

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