How to Make Sure Your Business Card Stands Out?

As we all hear and say that “First Impression is the LAST impression”. So, you only get one single chance to make a first impression and for years and years this humble piece of paper we call a Demand For Business Management Job card has been the prime tool for transferring business and personal information to new contacts and clients in a universally identified format. Even in today’s digital world of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, this simple piece of card goes from strength to strength.
You meet so many people and almost everyday day hand out your business cards to many of your prospective clients. But the reaction you are getting is pretty discouraging and ineffective. Most of the people you meet shove your business card into their pockets without even looking at it. Even if some people do look at it, it’s just a glance before they put it straight into their pockets. And you get the sense that they might just put your business card in a drawer or a dusty corner, or, worse yet, that they throw it directly into the recycling bin! This of course means that this person will never follow up with you for business.
Like everybody else, do you also wish that your business card stands out? If you want your business card to make an enduring impression instead of ending up in a dustbin, here are some smart tips to make that happen:
1. Ask your designer to design a custom business card to match your brand and business. Don’t get stuck on the free or inexpensive business card templates which are offered online. Get a business card designed that is a visual representation of your business, thought, and individuality with your own logo imprinted over it along with the visual textual elements. A unique business card will definitely stand out more than any standard template which people are already used to seeing.
2. Choose a paper which is thick and have a nice “feel.” This will make your business card just feel more important than others. Get your business card printed on a bit thicker, smoother, softer, or maybe a textured paper. You can even choose a paper which goes with your business identity and reinforces your brand message. You can go for a traditional or a vaguely old-fashioned look of a paper, or an ivory linen sheet, or for a giving a high tech looks you can choose a smooth, bright white and slightly glossy paper.
3. Use both sides of the business card to get your complete message across. There are lots of possibilities and ways of using both sides of the card. You can put your tagline or a brief list of your services, company branches or information about your products and services. The back of the business card is already there so why not utilize it effectively? To make your card more distinctive you can also put a photo or an image that reinforces your brand.
4. Make your card more valuable by giving offers/discounts through it. If you are offering a free consultation or some kind of a discount also, you can use it as a coupon also for new contacts. You can publicize your offer on your card so that people keep it with them to use it in near future. The chances of your card landing into a recycle bin get reduced.
5. A fold-out card is also a good option. This format is very useful and effective in giving a list of samples of your previous work when prospective clients expect you to have a portfolio. A fold-out card can also be used to tell prospective clients more about your key products or services.
6. Cutting the card in an interesting way makes it exclusive. Choosing a square shaped card instead of a usual rectangular one or cards with rounded corners or angled edges are visually interesting to grab people’s attention.
Any of these ideas will clearly differentiate your How To Run A Successful Small Business card from the crowd and will make that first impression on your prospective customer. You can even combine these options to make it more effective and exclusive. The aim is to make your card land in the “keeper” pile rather than the trash bin.

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