How to Make a Company Logo

People know your business means, well, business better when you have a well-designed logo. A company logo leaves an image of credibility in the eyes of customers and colleagues. A company logo must also show your company’s personality. It will also be one of the deciding factors whether people will decide to get your services. Logos are used for everything from your company’s website, brochure, invoices, stationary, and calling cards, basically everywhere. Your company logo will distinguish you from the competition.
When you give someone a brochure or a business card they immediately judge your business. One element of that is your logo. So a person can tell if you’re a fun company or a serious one or thorough or professional. This is why your company logo should really be reflective of your company’s identity. Creating an effective logo and make a home business seem like a big endeavor or in the other side of things a bad logo can destroy an established business.
Since you’re looking this topic up, you, the reader would probably be a small start up company trying to establish yourself. Here are tips to help you create a great logo for your business.
1. Choose what kind of logo you want. Do you want…
a) Business name only
b)? Business name + picture or icon
2. Decide on your business personality so that your logo reflects your company’s persona. If you’re an advertising firm you want it fun and creative with colors or a witty icon. Can you imagine a J.P Morgan company type having a ‘fun’ colorful logo?
3. Choose a key image. What icon do you want to represent you? If you have a pet grooming company you can choose a iconize dog and cat or a cartoon type of graphic. Everything should be relatable to your company.
4. The font is also important in representing your company so choose the one that suits it.
5. Checkout online websites that offer logo templates. Some sites are summitlogodesign; logocreator; logosmartz
6. Questions to ask yourself when deciding should be:
a. Is the color right and Businesses not difficult to read?
b. Does your image congest or crown the logo name?
c. Is the font and the font size readable when you put it on business cards, brochures, etc
7. Be realistic, your logo must not be too fancy. It should represent your company.
8. Places to include your logo:
a. Business Degree Salary 2018 card
b. Letterhead
c. Advertisements
d. Email
e. Billboards
f. Phone book listing
g. Newsletter
9. Never copy another logo. You want the logo to distinguish you.
10. If you need a good camera to take photos for your company logo’s image checkout digital camera review

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