How to Keep Your DVDs in Working Condition For Decades

Perhaps you just spent $150 for the boxed set of Star Wars DVDs and it has occurred to you that losing these discs or having them fail to work would be absolutely horrible. Well, you can breath easy as DVDs are designed to last many decades without failure. More specifically, they are designed to last decades if properly cared Wall Street Journal Stocks for and maintained. Obviously, their lifespan can be radically reduced by letting a three year old play with them. However, keeping small children away from your collection is probably fairly obvious to you. But, just how do you maximize the chance your DVDs will still be working when you are in the retirement home?
The most important step is adopting the mindset that your DVDs are delicate items that must be pampered. By treating them gently you will avoid one of the most common ailments to afflict a DVD – scratches and abrasions. As you likely know, DVDs can be scratched and pitted which renders the disc unreadable. To avoid your discs become pricey drink coasters, hold them only on the edges and gently place them in the DVD player tray. Further, they should be either in the DVD player or in their storage case. Under no circumstances should your DVDs be sitting unprotected as you fiddle with the TV remote or engage in some other task. It is during these moments that a random leg or dog knocks the disc from its exposed perch and sends it flying to the floor to skitter and bounce to a stop. In an instant, you have a several scratches on your disc! Play it safe and keep your disc in its proper storage at all times.
And speaking of storage, what kind of case is best for your DVDs? Plastic jewel cases are recommended. They provide more protection as the plastic can resist bumps and bangs unlike paper sleeves which can tear and lead to damage. Additionally, you will want to store your disc vertically. If stored horizontally, the disc can bow downwards around the jewel case hub making it unreadable. Of course, this will take time to happen so keeping them horizontal for a short time is not an issue.
Further, you should store your discs in an area not exposed to sunlight, humidity or extreme temperatures. Certain types of discs can be damaged by direct sunlight as the sun deteriorates the dyes used in the disc. However, all discs can be warped or deform if left in direct sunlight. Extremes of temperature and humidity can also lead to disc failure so storing discs in the attic, the damp basement or your friend’s greenhouse are a bad idea.
Next, if you are eating greasy food and decide to watch one of your DVDs, be sure to wash your hands before handling the discs. If you forget and smudge the disc, be sure to wipe it down gently with a soft, lint free cloth. Even though it might be more convenient, do not use your shirt. It is a coarser fabric and might scratch the disc. If, after wiping it down, it still has fingerprints or smudges, wipe it again with a mild soap solution (baby shampoo works well). Also, you want to be sure you wipe the disc from the center to to the outer edge. Wiping around the disc concentrically can damage it.
If you do scratch your disc, all is not lost. After wiping it down, hold it up to the light and locate the scratch. Take a small amount of toothpaste or wax and work it into the scratch. Using multiple thin, layers works better than one large amount. After each application, buff the disc with a soft, lint free cloth. Hopefully, this will be sufficient to resurrect your DVD and save your from buying a replacement.
Finally, if you spill something on your disc, dry it off immediately and completely. The liquid can soak between the layers of the disc and damage it. The more acidic or harsh the liquid Entrepreneur Magazine Review the more likely you are to have damage. If the disc fails to play after drying it off, set aside for a day or two as the layers may dry out allowing the disc to become readable again.
Hopefully these tips will keep your movie watching sailing smooth and skip free. May Star Wars as a centenarian be as entertaining as it is now.

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