How to Get More Clients

Are you a virtual assistant looking for new clients? Sometimes it feels like an impossible task to fill your business and get clients who you actually enjoy working for. I understand because I’ve been there!
Over the years I’ve learned a few tricks to help me get more clients, fast, and I want to share them with you now:
1. Run a Crazy Economic News For Students Special
I did a special when I first starting my virtual assistant business. What I did was network with online business owners for a number of months. I built trust, got to know them and grew relationships. Then when it came time to open up my ‘virtual’ virtual assistant doors I ran what some might call a ridiculous sale. It was for a crazy-low rate of $50 for 10 hours but it gained me about 8 long-term clients who I ended up charging $15/hr then on up to $25/hr.
What I learned from this offer: If you can get in front of an audience and get them to trust you – then offer them something they just absolutely CANNOT refuse do it! If I was back to square one I would absolutely do that special again. I have never seen anyone else do it and I’ve never seen a VA get the response I got.
2. Approach a High-Profile Client
I knew of a pretty high-profile client who I was hoping to work for. At the time I was thinking even if I didn’t work for her I would LOVE to get her testimonial as ‘social proof’ of how good I was. So I VOLUNTEERED 3 hours of my time in exchange for her honest feedback of my services. I asked her to give me her permission to use her feedback if I choose to. She said yes, loved my work and then offered to pay me long-term.
She was one of my best clients ever because I choose her as a client, not the other way around.
3. Connect With People You Already Know
Start emailing people one by one via email or even in person. Tell them what you do. Ask them to pass your name along. Ask them if they need a very specific service (based Telegraph Business on what you THINK they need). When I needed more work the first thing I did was go to people who contacted me in the past and often got a few projects out of that.
4. Call Out To Your Target Market
Make sure you post a consultation request form on your website. Not only is it important to get clients, but it’s important to get GOOD clients. I used my consultation request form as a way to ‘interview’ my clients before they got a chance to take up my precious phone time. I can’t remember all the questions now but they were questions like: name, phone, project budget, project details, internet marketing knowledge, etc.

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