How to Create the “Benefits” Copy for Your Networking Event

If you are hosting your own networking event on a modest budget, you may have to create the promotions yourself. Sometimes, we are blessed with partners and team Finance News Uk members to assist but just in case you are practically working alone, there is hope for creating an awesome and intriguing advertisement for your event.
You need to create a rough “benefits” sheet and add to it as time goes on. When you are in the beginning planning stages, you should be weighing all of the benefits your attendees will receive. These may be interchangeable as the event approaches.
This rough draft will eventually be fine tuned and made into a digital flyer for all potential attendees to view. If it is compelling enough, you will generate interest and have a great turnout!
1. The Headline – Give Your Top 10 Most Successful Businesses To Start Event an Appropriate Name
The name of an event and sometimes can sell it immediately. If the headline/name is attention grabbing, it will cause the reader to continue reading and hopefully, generate a sign up for you.
While this makes perfect sense, it is import and not to name your event inappropriately. You must keep in mind that it is business people and professionals that you hope to draw. Therefore, it must be professional based but with an element of curiosity or excitement.
2. Write down Every Benefit/Positive Point of Attending
Now that you have a good title and headline, it is important that what comes after, lives up to the headline. In other words, if the headline states that it’s going to be “Amazing”. What follows should be a description of “Amazing.” aspects.
Make a draft of every reason you can think of, as to why a person would spend their money and time at this business event. Don’t be modest or leave any thoughts un-written as you make your list.
3. Choose the Best Ones and Form Them into Compelling Ad Copy
When you have a good list of at least 20 or more benefits, choose the ones that you feel would generate the most interest. What’s on the list that would compel you to attend? You should also ask colleagues and friends in this genre what would compel them.
4. Organize It All in Plain Text As It Would Appear on a Flyer
By now you should have a solid and realistic list of benefits that would raise the eyebrow of business people looking to make contacts. At this point, you should envision how a flyer would look with this information on it. You should type it out in a plain Microsoft Word document and include bullet points and bold text.

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