How to Analyze a Case Study

The very first step, before anything else, is to get to know the case study very well. Read the case, and take notes. It may even be necessary to review the case more than one time to completely understand the issues of the company or industry. Only after this is done should the analysis truly begin. Here are some steps to take to build a good case study analysis.

Look into the history and growth of the company. Often the past of a company has a great impact on its future, and previous trends can indicate where a company is likely to go. Begin the case study analysis by investigating the company’s founding, the important incidents in its history, how it was built and how it has grown.

Take note of the company’s strengths and weaknesses. The information gathered in the first step can be used to make a list of the value creation functions the company displays. Some companies are strong in product development or marketing, while others are weak in those areas.

Learn about the external environment. A case study analysis does not just involve the company itself. There are opportunities and threats in the immediate external environment of the company as well. Competition from other companies or substitute products is a prime example of an external factor.

Analysis. The information should be available at this point for a detailed evaluation. The strengths and weaknesses should be compared alongside the external environment threats and opportunities. This is where it can be seen where the company stands in the business world, and where it needs to make changes, if any, to compete effectively.

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Identify strategy at the corporate level. Every company has its own mission, goals and corporate strategy. Isolate and analyze this information, Starting A Business While Employed Legal including its line of businesses, acquisition and subsidiaries. Examine and debate the good points and the bad points of the company strategy.

Identify strategy at the business level. Now take the analysis down to the business level for a complete view of the company. For a single business company, this was already accomplished with the last step. The factors to take a close look at for case study analysis include competitive strategy, the methods of marketing, the actual cost of the business and the general focus.

Analyze implementations. This step of the case study analysis involves how the company implements its structure and control system. Analyze how this works in the company, including employee rewards, the hierarchy of management, changes in the organization and any issues that are important and possibly unique to the company.

Make final is the final part of the analysis, based upon all the information gathered and analyzed previously. Airport Business Ideas Any good recommendation will be the final culmination of the points made in the previous sections.

Tips to Remember:

Know every detail of the case before beginning the case study analysis.

Allocate enough time to write the analysis and do not do it too hastily.

Be both honest and impartial in any assessments.

Analyze, do not describe.

Proofread it before submitting it!