How Blog Comments Can Increase Your Online Popularity!

WordPress has been around for a number of years now. And in that time, it has taken the web development world by absolute storm! It is truly the ultimate “Killer Application” for the twenty-first century.
At first, WordPress thundered onto the scene by being a free blog application at a time when blogs were relatively new and blog comments a novelty. I mean, who ever heard of readers actually getting to “Comment” on the news reports they were reading? Unheard of!
But, that’s really what makes blogs so darn popular with the Internet crowd – the ability to interact with the author and the freedom to agree or disagree with the opinions stated.
It has been remarked by many an Internet denizen that a blog without commenting is not really a blog at all – but just another one-way opinion piece in the mold of TV Nightly News.
Constantly-updated blogs with fresh blog comments bring excitement both to opinion pieces and to pure news articles. It is the online version of a Town Hall meeting… complete with agreements, disagreements and thinly disguised sarcastic epithets.
It’s simply wonderful!
If you have a blog, whether it be personal or business-related, think of blog comments as a terrific way to get your audience involved with the topic and with you.
Make sure that you don’t simply let the comment threads develop on their own. You need to be an very active participant in the commenting process. In essence, you are the guiding light of these discussions. You’re the one who is the leader of the expedition and provides guidance as to which direction the conversations will generally go.
Blogs are, by their very nature, focused writing platforms and people will frequent your blog based on the personality and opinions you regularly express there.
When you are commenting on your readers’ blog comments, make sure you keep your writing friendly and informative – encourage dissent and controversy. These are what get people to follow specific blogs for years!
What you DON’T want to do is to get into some sort of shouting match with your readers. You never want to come off as insulting or demeaning – Doing so will only serve to discourage further comments and stall your blog’s momentum.
No matter what a commenter says, always respond with a helpful and positive attitude. Don’t allow yourself to get drawn down into a “Pig-Fight!”
And, speaking of responding, make it a point to try and respond to a majority of commenter’s posts. This brings up your comment-count and encourages more people to post. People enjoy being responded to in a friendly and helpful manner. It makes them want to post even more. And, that should be your goal.
When people find blogs, they always look to the bottom of the article to see what other people are saying Us Business News Awards about it. If the blog comments look interesting to them, chances are they will post their own comment.
If you are a marketer, this should be music to your ears as the more activity a blog sees, the more activity it WILL see! And high traffic is the ultimate goal of any marketer!
Some of the most popular blogs on the Internet today are renowned for their authors being personally involved in the Wall Street Journal Stocks commenting process. This author/reader interaction is what makes blogging such a satisfying experience for everyone!
And, it can do wonders for your popularity, which isn’t too bad either!

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