Helping Your New Network Marketing Distributor

It is so exciting to have someone say “I want to sign up.” Having someone sign up is really only the beginning. If this person never sells anything, then neither of you ever earn any money.
Very recently, I spoke with someone who was incredibly anxious and excited to get started. I commented to her how much her excitement made me smile. We shared a delightful conversation. She signed up right then and there and was set to go.
As I always do, I was in touch with her daily for the next few days. A week later she still hadn’t done any of the Online Business Ideas Without Investment things she originally said she wanted to do. And a week after that she quit answering my emails and phone calls.
It’s so important to really listen to what your new recruit is telling you. What is it that they want for themselves? How do they see their business taking off? What are their plans to get their business started?
If you see they are not hitting the goals they set for themselves, help them tone down the goals a bit. For example, if they said they hope to sell $300 their first week and you see they haven’t even gotten one customer yet, then help them reset their goal to get just their first customer.
If they are facing challenges getting even that one customer, help them set Top Business News Today a goal to look at the product line and place their own personal order.
I’ve seen distributors completely overwhelm someone new by presenting them with everything they themselves have acquired over the last six to twelve months. Consider if what you’re sending today will actually be helpful today.
The new distributor should have goals of talking to people about the company and products. They should be considering a starter order for themselves. Everything else will come in time.
I make sure that new distributors know that they can call me any time for answers to questions. It’s completely unreasonable to expect a new distributor to know everything about the company and products. So coach them to say, “I’ll find out and get back to you.” I take phone calls all of the time from team members who have a question from someone they are speaking to about the products or the opportunity.
It can happen that the new person is asked from the start, “Hey, how do I sign up?” Since they only signed up in the past few days, as their upline, you can offer to call the person for them. Or you can offer to do a three way call, or you can offer to answer all questions while the new distributor “learns on the job.”
Listen to what your new distributor wants from you and then both of you should see success!

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