Have You Ever Encountered an Energy Vampire?

Has being around a particular person ever left you feeling drained or exhausted? If you answered yes to this question then you have probably been in the presence of an energy vampire. In the same way a real vampire sucks the blood from you, an energy vampire feeds off of your energy, and in return you feel worn out and lethargic and wondering what the heck happened!
Vampires that suck the energy right away from you can come in many sizes and shapes, and you may not even recognize that they are feeding off your energy. In order to defend yourself from these parasites, you need to know how to recognize them. Below is a list of traits the typical energy vampire may possess.
Five Typical Traits of an Energy Vampire
The Drama Queen: This trait is seen in people that constantly make everything seem more important than it really is. Everything is a big deal, no matter how small it actually is.
The Intruder: This type of energy vampire is someone that is constantly ignoring your privacy and personal boundaries. Your business is their business.
The Blamer: Nothing is ever this vampires fault. They are always on the look out for someone to place the blame on.
The Critic: Nothing ever good comes out of this vampire’s mouth. Everything is negative, no matter what they are talking about.
The Complainer: These vampires complain about everything, from their jobs to their partners to anything and everything.
Once you see the tell tale sign in someone you know, you have won half the battle. The other half is knowing what to do to keep them from sucking the energy right out of you. Below are a few ideas of how to handle your energy vampire encounters.
Be Positive: First and foremost, no matter Factors That Determine Pay Rates what they say or do, remain positive.
Be Alert: Keep in touch with your feelings. You’ll be able to tell when the energy is being sucked away from you. As soon as you feel this beginning to happen, do something about it.
Time Limits: Don’t allow them too much of your time. When the conversation turns negative, politely change the subject and move on.
Present a Challenge: When the negativity begins, present them with the challenge of changing their situation What Is An Agreement and ask them what they can do to make it more positive. This goes a long way in stopping energy vampires.
Additionally, once you realize that another person’s negativity is not your responsibility you’ll better be able to refuse them the energy they crave to survive. Keep in mind that there will be the occasional friend that just needs a friendly ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. But once it passes the point of a need for venting to a need for your energy, turn the tables and refuse to be the host these energy vampires survive on.

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