Have a Home Based Business? Why You Should Stop Marketing a Company Replicated Website

It never ceases to amaze me how most new network marketers are trying to “sell” their opportunity upfront with their company replicated website. I mean seriously? What are the odds that Write Any Two Types Of Business Crisis anybody actually joins a “ground floor” opportunity that is “the best company in the world”, and so forth and so on? Pretty slim I would guess. Please…learn how to prospect smarter!
With the way the economy is now, it seems as if people are looking for new ways to create extra income from some sort of work from home business. A computer is all you need to make millions right? WRONG! You need to get prospects and leads in the first place in order to even start talking to interested people in the first place! “How do you do that?” you might be saying to yourself. Great I’ll answer you.
Most successful internet marketers (MLM and network marketers), who are making between $5,000 and $10,000 per month, have a proven system that generates free leads to them. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. These guys produce somewhere between fifty to one hundred new leads every day! They’re not “pitching” their business in any upfront way though either. They know how to “suck people in” with their landing pages, with a technique called (drum roll please…..), attraction marketing. Yes, ATTRACTION MARKETING. Having your leads CALL YOU!
Having people calling you about your Golden Rules Of Business, puts a whole new spin on things. How many times have you gotten a phone call and somebody tries to have you sign up with their opportunity? They want you to join their business! Unless you’re a car or insurance salesmen, YOU CAN”T SELL! People like to buy, NOT be sold!
Having fresh leads and prospects for your business, is the lifeblood of any network marketing business. There are lots of different ways of getting free leads. No more pay per click, no more buying opportunity leads, and no more “spamming” any safe lists. Right now you might be asking, “how qualified are these leads?” Simply put, these leads are LASER TARGETED! NOT your friends and family, NOT your mailman, and NOT your hairdresser!
Thousands upon thousands are joining some sort of internet based business every day. Yet most won’t stick it out because they don’t get any support from their sponsor. That’s why MLM has close to a 97% failure rate. Lack of training, AND lack of cash flow. Have you ever gotten paid to hear “NO” from any of your prospects? Probably never right? How would something like that affect your online business? Dramatically I’d say.
Those internet marketers mentioned above know how to do all of this. They know how to generate leads online, how to prospect smarter, know how to get rid of “tire kickers” and most of all, they know how to sign new reps into their business on a constant basis. That’s part of their system, getting paid to hear “NO”. Pretty sweet huh?
Here’s the thing that you need to know right ‘s NOT that hard to learn, and you can do it also! If you’re tired of not getting the results you want in your online business,(no matter what it is) you can learn how to dominate the internet by clicking on the link below.

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