Hanns G Black 20″ – 5ms HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor

Hanns G may not be a very well known company or as popular as Samsung or LG, but have been in business since 1998 manufacturing and designing LCD monitors which they are able to offer at some great prices. Their user friendly and simplistic approach to design has enabled them to manufacture monitors of exceptional quality surpassing consumer expectations. Even though their products may not look as stylish as those of LG and Samsung, Hanns G monitors are the result of advanced technology and precision manufacturing processes which is quite evident when you see what users have to say about them.
The Hanns G HZ201HPB LCD monitor is just like the rest of the monitors in this range that are low in radiation and energy consumption. It is also very light of weight and convenient to use or carry around. Their display screens are of the highest standard due to the use of quality LCD panels which promises the clearest of images and marvelous life like colors.
Hannspree’s 20-Inch Widescreen LCD Display 20-Inch Active Matrix TFT LCD 1600 x 900 (HD+) 16.9 aspect ratio response time 5ms (Typical) 160/160 degree viewing angel (H/V) video inputs-VGA, Finance News Uk DVI, HDMI 1.3 speakers 1.5W x2. It is also compatible with Windows VISTA Basic. Accessories include a VGA Cable, Power and Audio Cables, CD-Rom, User manual and Warranty Card.
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Most users of the Hanns G HZ201HPB are of the opinion that it is a wonderful monitor with great color, resolution and awesome features. Consumers also rave about the picture quality and like its look and great big size. The wide angle screen according to buyers is user friendly making it so much easier to create spreadsheets. They also like the fact that the buttons located at the bottom of the monitor makes it look neat and clutter free. They say that this monitor saves so much space and considering the price, makes it a really worth while buy.

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