Gadget World Review – Apple iPhone 3Gs

The over-hyped, as believed by many, iPhone 3GS is remarkably the current market leader, but as many people seem to claim, is it really only thanks to the outstanding marketing team that Apple possesses for the promotion of their gadgets? Firstly, I wasn’t too convinced. I am not one to hop on the popular trend, so I defied the quicksand of the gadget’s popularity until the latest iPhone came out – the iPhone 3GS. Less than a year ago, in 2008, iPhone 3G was the biggest hit of the summer, on the gadget market in particular. People were piling up at the shops to get a hold of the latest, ground-breaking gadget (at least in Canada they were!).
My buddy in fact managed to get one, and he simply would never stop talking about it. After “sharing” his review with me, I was still not convinced. I believed the camera on the iPhone was pathetic, the ridiculously designed iTunes would never beat the ease of dragging and dropping. To complement all of the above, after looking through some reviews on the iPhone 3G models, the battery was claimed to be fairly insufficient, and when it is built into your gadget of a phone, it does not really leave much choice of an easy swap, does it now? I went for the Nokia N95-8GB instead.
It is 2009. By now, I am extremely unhappy with my cinder-block of a gadget. I had a great camera on it, but it was slow as a turtle to take pictures, in fact I was beginning to get jealous of the speed at which the iPhone operated at. The other major issue was the size. Now, this review is coming from the mouth of a pretty outgoing fella. When I am out of the house, I DON’T want a huge block sticking out of my pocket (unless of course I am participating in the “who’s got the biggest gadget in their pocket” competition). iPhone on the contrary is extremely thin, and fits into any of your pockets effortlessly, without stretching your favorite jeans.
The main factor between the 2 gadgets was ultimately the interface. The N-95 was just extremely painful to use (in a metaphorical sense of course). Despite its eye-catching hardware specs and a versatile operating system (Symbian OS), the gadget was just too slow for some reason and asked too much effort from the user to accomplish something as simple as text messaging. After several closer reviews, the iPhone on another hand operated with extreme efficiency. The gadget was well polished, and even though the iPhone did not have a multi-tasking feature like the N-95, the total number of tasks accomplished with the iPhone would beat the N-95 every day.
I cut my losses, after having spent over 400 dollars that on a gadget that came from the brand, which I ranked highly in my books and purchased an iPhone. By now, many of my friends had the iPhone, and I simply could not gather any resources or reviews on why getting this popular gadget was a bad idea. 350 dollars since Best Industries To Start A Business 2019 and I am in love with it. I chose to purchase the new iPhone 3GS 16GB. I do not really need the extra space on my phone that a 32GB would provied, it is a phone after all. And here is my review – I love everything about the almost everything. The lack of a flash for the camera on the iPhone is a bit disappointing.
But to disprove some reviews that I found online, I have had no issues with the battery, no problems with freezing (unlike with my old N-95), and just in summary using the iPhone has been a very pleasantly satisfying experience EVERY TIME. Moreoever, the number of apps and gadgets Entrepreneur Magazine Pdf there are out for the iPhone is outstanding, and a very good number of them cost nothing! Due to the popularity that the iPhone has generated, there are many people and companies developing numerous applications, which can turn your iPhone into a really useful (AND FUN) gadget!
So consider it for what it is worth, but this review of the famous gadget was a review coming from an extremely skeptical buyer, who ended up converting at the end. I have resisted the bandwagon for just over 12 months, but at least now I realize, that the iPhone actually does top the cell phone industry, as not only a phone, but arguable the most ultimate gadget least for the upcoming future. Who knows what the ever-growing technology will come out with next for us in the future. I hope after reading this review, you will consider the iPhone, if you are shopping for a new phone and gadget.

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