Forty Acres and a Mule

When the slaves were freed, I was recently told by an acquaintance that the US Government promised them all 40-acres and a mule. Back in the day this was a generous offer, not bad, unfortunately it never happened. My acquaintance who happens to be a black-American and we share genes along the way somewhere it seems, explains to me that the concept of reparations could start there. Unfortunately, there are about 160 people for every freed slave or more living today, due to the expansion of families from then until now [estimated].
Okay so, consider this historical promise of the “Forty acres and a Mule” it is interesting, and yes, would have been a nice gesture, and back then we certainly had the land to give away. Okay so, Cnbc Investing let’s talk about this. Could we make good on this promise now? Well, 160 people divided by 40 acres = one-quarter acre right? And if you divide a mule by 160-parts, well then I have a plan!
If we figure “those previously freed slaves” and the 160 people living today for each one, so would the black American ascendants accept a quarter acre in New Mexico or Nevada where there is still land left and a rump roast? I mean seriously what are we talking about here? What would make everyone happy, but also be fair? Tell me, what’s it going to take?
And if this is done, would those who feel wronged for acts in past periods stop calling me a racist, and don’t you think everyone can drop all this anger? I am not sure why so many people hate white people, but we even have heads of state saying it now; Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Evo Morales of Bolivia are calling us the “blonde hair, blue eyed” devils? I mean come on this is getting ridiculous don’t you think? That’s about the most racist thing I’ve heard lately.
And as long as we are all complaining here today, I have lots of complaints too, but I am not going to let it consume me in bitterness and anger. Why doesn’t everyone just be the best they can be at everything they do, and show the world and the ignorant racists or race-baiters how wrong they are, and how wrong their ancestors were too? Indeed, we can all do that by doing something great, raising a great family and proving them all wrong.
Anyway, I really want to thank my acquaintance for explaining the “40-acre and Mule” promise that the US reneged on, as I love to learn new interesting facts, and I love history too. Finally, I’d like to quote Eric Holder if I might, when he talked about race at a news conference. He had this to say; “certain subjects are off limits and that to explore Sky News Entertainment them risks at best embarrassment and at worst the questioning of one’s character.” and “It’s a question of being honest with ourselves and racial issues that divide us,” and then he made this statement for the news cameras; “It’s not easy to talk about it. We have to have the guts to be honest with each other, accept criticism, accept new proposals.”
You can look up any of those quotes on CNN in a news conference with Eric Holder. And I say Bravo! Mr. Holder, I could not have said it better. Now I challenge America; why don’t we fix this problem? Why?
He’s right! So, let’s talk! Deal? – Email me if you have something to say on this.

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