For The Record, I’m Not Anti Corporation

I wanted to touch on something that I’ve been getting lots of questions about. Why I’m always knocking “the company.” People want to know why I spend so much time ranting against corporations. Well, here’s your answer. The short version anyway.
First of all, I’m not anti corporation. These companies create millions of jobs. I’m fully aware of that. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t live in a cave in Macchu Picchu. And thank goodness that they provide a way to make a living for many people. That is a very good thing indeed.
But what I am against is how corporations have become ice cold, people processing machines that would just as soon chew you up and spit you out just to be able to hire someone else at half the Business Agreement In Sap Crm wage. ( Read: younger ) How is it, why is it that a corporation can literally take over a persons life, dictating to them what to do. Why would you give up so much control of your life?
Saw a 60 minutes clip the other day. It was about the 401K crash and how it’s all just a sham. One lady, bless her, was talking about the fact that she has been out of work for a very long time. That she’s not even getting a second interview. That she is getting beaten out by younger, super model administrative assistants. She said that she never had children because she was a career girl. What? She was literally crying. What would possess us to give up the most important things in our lives to a faceless entity? And now she is a career girl without a career. She is middle aged, so guess what? Good luck. At what point did we buy into the line that the company will be there for us? Have you had enough yet? Are you ready to learn to stand on your own two feet?
Are times tough? Yes, without a doubt. Are we tougher? Absolutely. There is a book called Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Do. It came out in the early 80’s, when things were also hard. Do yourself a favor and read it.
How about when ” the company ” always asks, better yet demands that we do more and more. Stretching people to their breaking point? And then have the gall to wonder why we are suffering burnout. This is especially alarming in today’s economy, when workloads are bring increased on just about everyone. At what price? Are you willing to pay the price in health issues? What about your family, your children? There was a time when companies actually cared about their employees. Those days are gone forever. And it’s not that I believe that employees should be doted over and coddled. I don’t. My point that I want to get across to folks is only this: When push comes to shove and a company is looking to cut costs, you are expendable. Corporations answer to their shareholders first. As they should, because the shareholders are the people who provide the capital which is necessary for growth.
In the interest of full disclosure I have never been a company man. Never bought into the company line of B.S. I always had my eyes wide open and fully understood that as long as I served the needs of the company I would be working there. If the moment came that I didn’t, they would cut be loose. End of story.
The only TV that I watch anymore ( other than college football and my beloved Washington Huskies. Been going to Husky Stadium since before I could walk. ) is a show call Undercover Boss. CEO’s of major corporations go undercover as regular employees to see what is really happening at the street level in their businesses. It’s really quite an amazing look into human nature. I’ve not seen an episode yet where a CEO is not moved to tears by the struggles, trials and tribulations of everyday people who work for them. CEO’s are so very far removed from the issues of their employees. It’s all just numbers to them. This doesn’t make them monsters, or even bad people. It’s just that in their positions they’ve become so insulated from the realities that working folks face everyday. They have lost the human touch. Do they really believe that a single mother can live on $10.00 dollars an hour? If you live in an ivory tower long enough, it can happen. And I’m not saying that all CEO’s are this way, but far too many are.
Here’s the real deal guys. At the end of the day, we must be responsible for ourselves. For making our living. Not the corporation. Not the government. ( I’ll spare you my gov’t rant. ) You, and only you are responsible for the well being of your family. If it came down to the CEO’s dog or your family, guess what? You may consider that extreme and a stretch, but is it really? The company is going to take care of itself first, the shareholders second and you third. Maybe.
I believe that it is wise and prudent to do your own thing. Build something that you are in charge of. If you’re fortunate enough to still be employed, start something part time. There are a myriad of opportunities available in this day and age. You might even get some tax deductions for operating a Jurusan International Marketing from home. And the way things are looking, we’re going to need all the deductions that we can get. My apologies, I couldn’t help myself.
Last, but not least I believe that is our social responsibility to start businesses to help create jobs, rather than just filling one. Someone started the company where you work, or used to work. It took courage, faith and perseverance for that person to start and build that business. The one that fed you and your family. I firmly believe that it’s time for the rest of us to step up and return the favor.
So again, for the record, I’m not anti corporation. Truth is I’m a stone cold capitalist. I just believe that we are responsible for our well being. No one else.
To your success.

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