Equity in Your MLM Distributor?

I read a story of a woman who was fired from her MLM company and she lost everything. She had to start over from scratch with her current MLM Startup Financing Definition. I wondered how this could be; are you not an owner of your MLM business? The truth is, no you do not own your MLM business. Technically, you are part of a huge distributorship and if you fail to meet their guidelines, you can lose your privilege to represent the company. However, you do ‘own’ your MLM distributors you brought into the business. That is your equity.
When you hear the word equity, you often think of the equity you have in your home. A portion of your mortgage payment goes towards the principal, which is your money. It is there, you built it up slowly over time, you can get a loan when you want it, use the money to make improvements or other purposes and pay it back.  Your home equity is the money you acquired or built up in your home over time.
Well if you took care of your down line, trained them, made yourself available to them, was a true leader that inspired trust and loyalty, you have built equity in your MLM distributor down line.  Your MLM distributors are also your equity you built but is intrinsic and intangible. You built your down line equity by your leadership skills, your ability to train and gain trust by having a system that can be duplicated.  You may not often think of our team as walking dollars and how much money we can make off each person but they do have monetary value to your Express Magazine Uk and your direct income.
Therefore, when the woman was fired from her MLM company, I wondered if she had been a leader to her MLM distributors. Had she taken care of her down line. Had she built up trust and loyalty with her team. If so, she could have taken out some of her equity and went to the top of her the new MLM Company she is currently represents. 

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