Do You Look at the Head or Tail of a Coin?

There are many people who throw away a single yen coin in the Narita airport. It is understandable, to some extent, because it cannot be changed into their original currencies. Its value is too small for exchange, and it is not pretty enough to be kept as a souvenir for their children. However, the coin will take up space in their pocket and can be confused with other countries’ coins. Therefore, it is natural for people to decide that one yen coins are of no use. I had a similar experience with the penny coins in U. S. currency. When I returned to Tokyo from New York in 1986, I had many pennies. During my time in New York, I kept pennies in a jar, which was full after a year. Prior to my departure, I donated them to a local humane society that helps abandoned and abused animals. Almost 15 years have passed, and I still receive seasonal greeting cards from the organization. When I later returned to the United States, they sent me a welcome back letter. I believe those pennies did their work.
Mr. Kawabe worked for a marketing company that plans, schedules, promotes, and hosts events. He was in charge of a professional wrestling event in the suburban outskirts of Tokyo. However, he had a supervisor who was extremely difficult to work for. His supervisor did not like Kawabe making mistakes with scheduling, advertisement leaflets, contacting sponsors, or introducing the event to the local communities. All Kawabe did was complain about his supervisor over drinks at night.
Mr. Hirose worked under the same supervisor as Mr. Kawabe. Hirose drank with Kawabe and listened to his complaints about their supervisor. However, Hirose did not simply complain. He wanted to know why his supervisor was stricter concerning the promotion of the event than the event itself. He later discovered that their supervisor’s responsibility was to recoup operating expenses on the event itself and make a profit by gathering sponsors for it. This technique was used to reduce taxes. In addition, while it was difficult to get one sponsor who could spend a large amount of money on the event, it was rather easy and effective to obtain many sponsors with less spending on advertisements. Later, Hirose started his own event promotion Contents Of A Business Plan based on the knowledge he acquired from his experience. However, poor Kawabe continued to work for the same company and grumbled.
Mr. Kawabe only looked at the head of the coin. However, Mr. Hirose wanted to see both sides Best Businesses To Buy Stock In of the coin, which allowed him to discover a good money-making mechanism for his industry.

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