Do They Know?

I have been in inside and outside sales for the past 10 years. I have done door to door contacting and referral marketing. I have developed a sense of confidence in getting out of my comfort zone to speak to people. Each of these have their strengths and weaknesses. Door to door will make it so you can have face to face contact and a chance to meet new people that you may have otherwise not known. Referral marketing allows you to skip meeting so many people and get info on different people or items from one source, still trust and the initial contact needs to be made.
When you see the Nike swoosh symbol, what comes to mind? Some will say “Just Do It”, or shoes. What are you doing to brand yourself?
When I fly, I wear a shirt for my company. When I walk around the mall, I wear a shirt that invites people to pay attention to it. In short by branding myself with a symbol or name of my company I no longer am the hunter, I have become the source of information and curiosity for the people who see it.
For people who say they are shy or scared to talk to new people, branding is a great way to have a conversation start without having to exert themselves with a fear Us Business News of rejection. I am able to have a conversation based on my shirt, bag or any of my accessories I have. I then hand them tools and allow the tools to do the talking.
How serious are you about your Business Administration Accounting Salary? What mark on the people you meet are you leaving. Branding isn’t just about the clothes or accessories you wear or carry.
Branding in my opinion is a way people are able to remember how they were treated, their energy level they felt while with you. How are you treating yourself, your partners, friends, coworkers. As I see it branding is about making people remember you for the positive or the negative. When you associate with people whether in a company or in a personal nature. You are being branded with your own name. You in reality are selling yourself and whatever you represent.
Rather than focusing on what everyone else is doing and achieving, I invite you to sit down and decide how you will be known. Decide the symbol for your company and how it will be known. Decide how your face will be remembered and known to those who know you, and will know you.
Until next time remember to always keep moving forward.

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