DICAM Methodology

ICDAM: Internal Company Development Business Plan Slideshare Agile Methodology.
ICDAM is an agile methodology that can be applied to internal company departments. The current agile methodologies are focused on companies that only develop software. ICDAM is focused on big companies that have internal development departments.
There can be more people in the team (mixed-roles ) but it’s so important that the following three roles are in the team. In this methodology there are three main roles:
The wizard: this role is applied to the person who has the most technical knowledge in the department.
This role has three main responsibilities in a department:
1) Analyze which is the best way to implement a project using the technical resources available in the company. Many times the company resources are limited, so then the wizard has to chose the best way to use these resources to implement a project. Before to start making a new Project, the wizard has to measure the company resources to make the new project, how the project must be allocated and the best technology (java, net. perl, etc ) to develop this project in the company’s environment.
2) Try to improve and upgrade the company tools (for example try to upgrade java version, server versions etc). He is the person who looks for new versions of company tools.
3) Share his knowledge with Business Finance Wikipedia the rest of the team.
The knight: this role is applied to people who have the most business knowledge in the company. This person is normally to be the oldest person in the department. This role has four main responsibilities in the department:
1) After the technology measures are decided for the new Project, he has to propose which is the best way to develop the Project according the type of users. He is the person who knows better the company users.
2) Check that the new projects are aligned with the company business
3) Check if there were an external change that affects the company business, he will report to the rest of the team the changes to make in any involved projects.
4) Share his knowledge with the rest of the team.
The King: this role is normally the boss of department. The King decides the best way to resolve problems between the wizard and the knight if there was no agreement on how to develop the project. The king rules, he is the King after all.
New project: Before to start to make a new project, the wizard will spend a day or two searching the best technical way to make the project according to company resources.
The next stage: the wizard and the knight have a meeting (one or two hours), and they must decide how to focus this project, if the wizard, and the he knight do not agree, the King must decide how it will be done.
Diary meeting: Every day they have to meet to talk about the projects of the department, new versions of tools, and external changes that affect the department project requirements in their department.

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