Dell Inspiron Duo Review – Up Close and Personal

The Dell Inspiron Duo has a very unique feature compared to other devices right now. It serves as a netbook and a tablet by just rotating the screen. The screen does not rotate in a swivel kind of way however as it has two solid hinges like other netbooks. The screen rotates around horizontal axis and has a sturdy feel to it. Duo utilizes a rubberized case so it s very slip resistant and easy to handle. As a tablet, the weight is quite bulky for holding for hours on end. It has a thick bezel around the screen making it possible to transform the device into a netbook or a tablet.
Dell Inspiron Duo’s dimensions 11.2 x 7.7 x 1-inch and it weighs about 3.4 pounds. In comparison to Financial News Newspaper other 10 inch netbooks it is quite heavy but then there is this “netvertible” aspect to consider.
Island-style keyboard we have seen in other Dells are popular and easy to use and the keys have a very soft feel to them. Touchpad and palmrest are hard but the touchpad is multi-touch.
The screen is 10 inch glossy touch screen and it works well on various wide angles as well as 1024 x 600 resolution. High-res 1366 x 768 screen is also possible and supported. Dell has their own touch-based UI, Dell Stage and it includes some apps like Music, Paint or Games. The Dell MusicStage app provides a very touch-friendly way to sort music while Dell PhotoStage allows you to store your pics in organized manner and share them via Flikr or facebook. There is a link to Windows Live Photo Gallery if you’d like as well. Unfortunately, Dell Stage offers cropping only by using single finger, which prohibits you to size by two finger pinching. VideoStage has a player with links to the store, but The Books icon merely directs you to a browser, where you get Dell’s own book store. It seems that the software part of this prototype of Dell Inspiron Duo isn’t sufficient and one would need to install their favorite apps instead of relying on very simplistic Dell Stage.
On the hardware side Dell Inspiron Duo gets 320GB 7,200 rpm hard drive which should suffice. The processor is dual-core 1.5-GHz Intel Atom N550 CPU, the we have 2GB of RAM and Broadcom’s Crystal HD video accelerator. Dell prefers Windows 7 home premium.
For $100 more you can get yourself a dock or should we say Dell Dock.
As in this picture in the landscape mode Dock can play your slide show, soothing music or just time. Audio is superb with JBL Best Businesses To Start In Your 20S speakers. Two USB ports are in the back as well as audio-out jack, and an Ethernet port. There are no VGA or HDMI outputs.

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