Death of an Event Photographer

The Worst of Event Photography
I never read the boring manuals of my camera or my printer. I just wanted to make money taking pictures and printing them for my clients. I’ve covered numerous outdoor photo events each summer. I wanted to start a photo business fast and quickly and didn’t want to spend time on reading or practicing anything. I already had my website up and business cards circling the town. So, what do I have to lose?!?
Well, everything! I was good taking pictures outdoors but never indoors. Until I was asked to cover an indoor event and all hell-broke-lose! All my images were underexposed, some of my clients were blurred out, and the other pictures were just black. It was a horrible night and a bad decision. I tried to brighten up and sharp the images, but once I print it, it was totally ugly. The noise and grain on each image was hideous! One after the other, images were printed and were not being sold. Money just going down the drain! I had to give them away for free. I apologized to everyone and promised to fix the images later and email them.
Before taking this business on you need to be ready. Here are the most important steps i learned and regret not doing!
* READING – You must read the entire manual of the digital camera, the inkjet printer, and the editing software. You must learn it inside and out. In a worse case scenario, I should have been able to fix most Entrepreneur 2018 of my damaged images in photoshop (at least the underexposed). Without the training and not having my system setup to quickly fix images (with a push of button), i lost time, energy, trust, and customers.
* PRACTICE – You must practice day and night with the camera. You must know all the features in different settings (indoor, outdoors, in the bathroom, on the roof, and at night with street lights). Study and know different settings and Top 10 Business Tricks exposures. I wish I had purchase a flash or strobe to help out. At least my photos would have been acceptable and the client who been somewhat happy. I guess it true from the old saying; “never leave home without your digital camera”.
* JOINING – You must and should join other photography network, forums, blogs, and learn from the best. If photography is your love, then act like it and get linked in with other photographers. Post your photos online and get feedback, corrections, and opinion from others photographers and pros. My favorite website after all this is POTN (). There are tons of tips and tricks that i should have – could have done to be prepared and ready.
I wish I didn’t have to use my clients, family, and my friends to criticize my work. The feedback was bad and horrible. This one little event totally destroyed my reputation and my photography business. Arrgh!

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