Custom Bobble Heads – Using Them As Prizes

There are a lot of promotional strategies that an individual or business can do. This includes the use of non-traditional strategies like custom bobble heads. Like other non-traditional strategies, using bobble head dolls is very effective. The mere fact that it’s different from the other strategies is reason enough for people to at least check it out. Once they do, that’s the time that your product or service can reel them in. If you teamed up with a good custom figurine manufacturer, you’ll have great quality dolls that can easily do the job for you.
Another effective strategy is doing contests. Now, this is different from using custom bobble heads in such a way that it’s not an original idea. Contests have been done since time immemorial. But still, they are quite effective as a promotional tool. Even if they tend to be overused, a lot of people still check it out. This is the reason why we’re still seeing a lot of contests. So you can say that they’ve stood the test of time and are now dizzily face-to-face with the wobbly headed dolls. Which is the more effective promotional strategy?
Contests take advantage of our human nature. Humans naturally like to compete with each other. If we see a competition going on, we usually check it out to see if we can join and win the prize. But usually, it’s all for healthy competition. So if you’re an individual or a Sky News Trump Commercial owner, you can hold your own contest. Let’s say for example that you’re opening a restaurant in a few days. You can hold a contest wherein the first in line during the opening will get free dessert for a whole year. You’ll see people lining up even days in advance trying to outlast one another. You’ll be able to offer bigger prizes if you have a higher budget. That’s one advantage or disadvantage depending on how you look at it. If you don’t have a lot of budget, then it’s hard to give something appealing.
On the other hand, custom bobble heads are very inexpensive. With bobble head dolls, you can order them by the hundreds or even thousands so you can promote to more people. With the Sky News Raw Youtube help of a reliable custom figurine manufacturer, you’ll have a great promotional tool that is very appealing. It’s a great bonus that you didn’t have to pay a lot of money for it.
Both are effective but using custom bobble heads is more effective. But as a bonus, it’s more efficient because you didn’t have to pay a lot of money for it. Since they’re both effective, why not use both strategies? You can hold contests and use the bobble head dolls as prizes. That way, you can hold more contests because you have more prizes. It can be something as simple as being the 5th customer of the day or the 1st customer who came in wearing yellow. Keep your customers guessing and it will be a pleasant surprise when you give out the custom bobble heads out of the blue. Just remember to team up with a great custom figurine manufacturer to have great bobble head dolls. They’re prizes, after all.

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