Could This Be the Hair Loss News That Stops Your Hair From Falling Out?

Genetic hair loss causes a huge amount of embarrassment to both men and women and is an extremely common problem. Traditionally if your wanted to have hair again you either had to go through an expensive Scope Of Business Finance and painful surgical procedure or take prescription medication. The problem with prescription medication for many men though was that it had an unwanted side effected which effected their sex drive.

However, there has been a breakthrough in restoring hair by using vitamins minerals and herbs. In the past you would often hear of these kind of things but none of them really worked, however research has shown that there are certain ingredients which when combined together can impact on genetic hair loss. But to understand how they work we need to understand what causes thinning hair.

Hair loss is caused by a number of factors, what happens is that when there is free testosterone in the blood steam it will meet with an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. When these two combine you are left with something which is known as DHT. When you have inherited genes that are in your scalp that are sensitive to DHT then you will suffer hair loss as the DHT will attach to the follicle and thin it out until it no longer produces hair.

So, it would make sense that to prevent hair loss you need to combat either the DHT, the testosterone or the 5-alpha reductase, well a product has been created that does just that and it is with all natural ingredients of minerals and herbs plus some vitamins to encourage healthy hair growth for the new hair. The minerals and herbs that help stop the causes of DHT are as follows:-

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Nettle Root – This is beneficial because it helps reduce the amount of free testosterone in the blood Saw Palmetto – This herb is good for preventing hair loss as it helps inhibit the production of 5-alpha reductase Zinc – This also helps reduce 5-alpha reductase and is even more potent when taken with vitamin B6 So as you can see the ingredients Business Hsbc certainly help attack the causes of hair loss but there is one final ingredient which actually tackles DHT itself. This is called Minoxidil and is getting a lot of attention because it actually gets the DHT in the bloodstream before it gets to the scalp. As well as that it also stimulates the blood vessel to encourage hair growth.