Competition and Cooperation Between American Cities

Not long ago, I was speaking with a business consultant who is quite involved in our area and has been for some 20-years. He has served on the economic development committees, chamber of commerce boards, run his own business, and been involved in business media, marketing, and advertising in several mediums – and he still is. When I looked at his 20-year career here and his experience prior to that, it reminded me of much of my own endeavors. If you have a few minutes, I’d surely like to make an interesting observation here for your benefit.
You see, a community based Business Salary Per Hour man needs to be one with the town or area he practices his business, especially if he wants to duplicate that business model forward. One interesting thing I’ve discovered in taking Michael Gerber’s E-Myth hyperbolic is that there is a lot of competition amongst Chambers of Commerce and City Governments for regional domination and attempting to recruit members and customers from nearby areas.
Perhaps it is the competition between cities and their business communities that allows larger corporations to exploit these regional rivalries. If one city will not allow let’s say a Walmart, Price Club, Costco, or some other large retailer to come in, the city next door will. People in both cities will shop at that location, but the city that actually has the store within their boundaries will be the one that gets the percentage of the sales tax revenue. In some cases where cities border each other, and do not share a common county, there is also a rivalry between the counties for economic tax flows.
In this case, all the politicians on both sides work very hard with their Investmentnetwork In communities to compete, rather than to cooperate. It makes sense that every city and county wants a larger piece of the pie, but people are mobile, they travel around, and as they do it creates congestion, and other challenges as well as increase costs for city services.
A large retailer may call the police more often due to shoplifters, and therefore more people will go through the court system and into the county jail. This is a cost burden to the taxpayer, and although many of these things are taken into consideration, often the competitive fact of these things leaves all of these other serious issues off the table, to deal with at a later date.
My acquaintance having dealt with this, and having done business in several cities all bordering each other completely understands all the politics, and the realities behind the scenes. It seems everyone is fighting for the all mighty dollar, the tourist revenue, and a larger share of the pie. I would say that in the end considering more local cooperation is probably much wiser than the attacks which go on due to tax revenue, politics, and business.
After all, most of the citizens are also working together, shopping together, going to school together, and living their lives right next door to each other. They’re all Americans, and therefore more cooperation is probably a better way to play it. Indeed I’d like you to consider this from a philosophical perspective and please think on it.

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