Common Traits of a Good Network Marketing Distributor

Although personalities, styles and skill levels differ from person to person, there are common characteristics that make a good network marketing distributor. These traits can be developed by anyone, which is good news for any MLM distributor hoping to build a successful multi level marketing business.
The first trait of a good distributor is motivation. A distributor’s motivation has a direct influence on the quantity and quality of effort they will put forth in building their business. To assess the motivation of a potential distributor, begin by asking about their long range goals or dreams. Determine what it is they hope to accomplish by joining your multi level marketing business. Is this long range goal big enough to keep them moving forward over a long period of time, or is it something that could easily be walked away from. It is important to understand the reasons why a person is considering joining your business. There may come a time when you need to tap into that reason to help spur that person to continue pressing forward when they feel like quitting.
The next quality is commitment. How committed is the prospective distributor to seeing their business through. Statements like: “I thought I would give this a try” demonstrate a lack of commitment, since successful operation of a business is a long term proposition. A person with a high level of commitment will readily articulate their belief that this business is the key to unlocking their dreams, goals and aspirations. A good network marketing distributor displays this level of commitment, because they have a core belief in what they are doing. This deep rooted belief will prevent them from being knocked off course by those who are critical and skeptical. Without a deep rooted commitment, the distributor will likely quit before they have truly given the business their best effort.
Being teachable is another common characteristic found in good distributors. A person who is teachable will not only absorb the information that is given to them, but they will turn around and apply it. Because you will always be seeking greater levels of productivity from your organization year after year, this becomes one of the most critical traits for your team members to have. Being teachable is most often exhibited through the types Businesses To Start With 10K of questions a distributor asks. Look for those who are asking “how to” questions, but more importantly look closer at those who implement the answers they are given. For you to receive the maximum leverage benefit from your team, it is important that they be able to function on their own. Those who implement what they are taught, truly are learning to operate independently and in time they will become some of your greatest assets.
The final characteristic is influence. What level of influence does this person exert on those around them. A person whom others readily seek out for advice, counsel and other matters of guidance can be tremendous additions to your team. Simply observing a person’s interactions in social settings, can tell you a great deal about the level of influence they have. One highly influential distributor can make the difference between a “good” business and a “great” business.
The more you interact with others, the easier it will be Watch News to spot your next great network marketing distributor.

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