Choosing a Certified Distributor of Anti Skid Tape

There are several factors to consider before selecting the highest quality of safety tape for your application. Anti-skid materials are used to ensure the safety of pedestrians and workers on flooring surfaces historically known to increase the chances of dangerous slip and fall accidents. Whether you are a business owner attempting to avoid injury related lawsuits, or a resident searching ways to better protect your family, the manufacturer you choose will be an important part of achieving your goal.
NFSI Certification
Choosing manufacturers who spend the voluntary time, effort, and expense to put each type of anti skid tape they offer to the test is a wise decision for any buyer. The National Floor Safety Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to slip and fall accident prevention. Partnered with the National Safety Counsel, the NFSI publishes industry standards and training programs to the public to inform buyers of which products are safe to use, and which are not. For manufacturers to make the grade, each non-slip material is put through a rigorous two phase testing procedure. Although not all manufacturers acknowledge or participate in the efforts of the NFSI, those offering a complete line of tapes and treads that are certified as “High Traction” products are among the most reputable, and will always make customers aware of this achievement. Selecting a manufacturer who goes the extra mile for customers by developing the most aggressive and durable adhesive systems available on the market will ensure a quality product and a safer outcome for your application.
Custom Solutions Business Management Graduate Jobs
Custom product solutions are offered by manufacturers with a desire to accommodate the unique needs of every buyer. Although several anti skid tape options should be available to purchase as stock items, not all applications will be the same. It is important to choose a company that is willing and able to work with every customer’s requirements, in the event specific dimensional sizes are needed. A reputable company considers each special task a necessary part of keeping citizens safe, and will commit to offering the most advantageous, cost effective solutions on time and within a reasonable budget. Two things you should never have to sacrifice for a custom project are a fair price, and NFSI certification.
Industry Experts
Experts among the large industry of non-slip materials will stand out from the rest, and will be equipped with a professional, educated, and experienced staff. A quality customer service policy means that you are not forgotten the moment you buy your anti skid tape. Look for manufacturers that are available What Makes A Business Fail to answer questions and develop turnkey solutions to add both peace of mind and value to your purchase. A company that provides ongoing training and service for customers is not only easy to work with, they are dedicated to safe and knowledgeable application for tapes and treads at all times.

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