China Took Advantage of US in Trade – Let’s Build Robots to Manufacture – Tipping the Field Back

We’ve sure heard enough nonsense about China and trade during this election cycle, mostly, I am wondering if all these talking heads know a thing about free-trade or why we trade at all, still, most everyone knows that China has not allowed a level playing field in trade. China has not joined the US in the common cause of global commerce and fair/free trading. That’s too bad.
Nevertheless, some barriers will need to be raised to prevent massive outflows and further manipulation and unbalancing of these trade flows. And if it gets any worse, well then we may as well build Entrepreneur Magazine Kindle robots which can make our own products here, as they can compete and perhaps we can get the ROI down lower than the cost of a Chinese worker, working for peanuts in nearly slave labor conditions.
In fact, there was an interesting article in the Boston Globe not too long ago written by Robert Gavin of the Globe Staff and posted online at Boston [dot] com on October 17, 2010 entitled: “Retooling an Industry – US Manufacturing Sputtering, MIT Rolls Up Its Sleeves,” which Economics Business Project Ideas stated: “Our rivals are no longer primitive economies that can’t do much but assemble parts,”‘ said Solow, a special adviser to the new MIT manufacturing commission. “They do pretty sophisticated stuff with low wages, and it’s impossible to compete on those terms.”
Now then when we speak of competitive rivals on the global trade and manufacturing front, think China here, and then consider our little trade spats, currency manipulation, and this latest power play for indigenous high-tech manufacturing using China’s in-country mined REEs or Rare Earth Elements. We can, if we are pushed any further, simply send all those cargo containers back, unless they are being sold under a US brand, we should be sending back the knock-offs anyway, better yet, send them to the bottom of the ocean to be buried under 100s of 1,000s of years of sediment?
Please consider our real alternatives – personally, I am all for hiring robots unless China changes its ways!

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