Checklist to Ensure a Happy Welcome For Your Newborn

Are you excited over the arrival of your new born? At this instant, also ensure that everything is set planned to welcome your dear one. To avoid last minute tension, here is the checklist of things for you to buy well in advance.

Baby outfits: The first thing that your baby need as soon as he or she enters the world is a proper outfit. It should not be too small and at the same time it should also be matching to the season. Loose cotton dresses are suitable for summer whereas sweater, gloves, socks and scarfs are necessary in winter.

Blankets: A blanket is also essential to wrap your baby upon. Very light blankets is enough for summer whereas thick ones are preferred in winter. Try to have as many blankets as you can, as it is impossible to wash and dry it in the hospital.

Car Seat: Ensure that a baby seat is fitted in your car before you go to the hospital, as many hospitals stress upon using these seats to take the baby back home. Also ensure the seat is properly fitted.

Soap and lotion: Baby soap and baby lotion are the other things that has to be taken care of. These are necessary immediately following child birth. So add this to Marketwatch Futures the checklist of things that you carry to the hospital before baby is born. Take care in choosing the soap and lotion. Buy only baby products with less chemical.

Diapers: Your checklist must also include diapers for your baby. Choose the diapers that can lock the moisture for a considerable amount of time, without causing any discomfort to the new born.

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Cotton balls: Carry some cotton balls to clean the baby as and when required. To protect the baby from infections, it is always necessary to keep the baby clean. So clean the baby with cotton balls and warm water, few times a day.

Nail Clippers: Nails of babies should be cut then and there. If let to grow, they may scratch themselves Watch Channel 4 News with their nails. Hence use nail clippers to cut down the nails without any harm to the child.

Sterilizer kit: This is essential to sterilize all the items of baby use like nipples that are used to give medicine to the kid. This would keep the baby away from infections.

Crib: Last but not the least, cribs play a major role in case of a new born. The cribs must be chosen carefully according to the need and safety, days before child birth.