Cataclysm Guide – What You Need to Know Before the New World of Warcraft Expansion Hits

World of Warcraft is the most famous MMORPG of our time, and as a hardcore WoW gamer I am excited to read about the new expansion, so I really wanted to write a Cataclysm Guide which is a passion for me because I know that you folks really want to know everything about what has to come. So I decided to give you an overview of the new game’s features and some quick tips for you to be able to prepare as i know how hungry you are for Cataclysm news.
First of all Cataclysm will feature 2 new races: the Goblins and the Worgens. Blizzard’s interesting choice has struck many players who were expecting Nagas to be a playable class (oh sweet dreams – they will probably never stop fighting the Alliance and the Horde so probably never be a playable class although I would be really interested about it).
The Goblins receive discounts from every price paid (this is logical as being the proprietors of banks) and has an increased Alchemy skill. And what is more exciting that they can access their Bank Slots from anywhere around the globe for 1 minute plus they have a 1% increased casting and attack speed. Capital city: Kezan – industrial madness.
The Worgens start with a racial ability called True Form which serves as a standard 70% speed mount right off the bat. They have increased Skinning (haha like in a horror movie, just imagine), plus 1% critical strike chance, and curses and diseases are reduced by 15% used against the player which may prove pretty useful in PvP. Capital City: Gilneas City – one of the areas with the best atmosphere.
Lets continue our Cataclysm Guide with the new world. Blizzard redesigned the leveling system that will allow You to after finishing leveling in a certain zone get fast to a next tier zone which will be right next to the one you are about to leave. The new zones consist of the following: Gilneas (Worgen starting zone), Twilight Highlands (similar to Arathi Highlands), Tol Barad (new outdoor PvP zone), Mount Hyjal – yeee accessible at last the legendary zone of the great battle with Archimonde, Uldum (very interesting Titan-Egyptian style area), The Lost Isles (Goblin starting zone).
Now folks we have come to an increadibly interesting part which is the new Underwater Zones. First of all we have Vashj’ir, the former home of Lady Vashj. Guys, going underwater is just awesome. And pretty big place – consists of 3 playfields. Players get a +60% bonus to their swimming speed and the ability to breath underwater (otherwise our adventures would be short, wouldn’t they?). This is my favourite area – stunningly beautiful. You will be able to acquire a water mount too (wow, riding dolphins and sharks?).
The other incredible place is Deepholm. You get to this place by entering the Maelstorm. You’ve read it right. Finally, you can enter the source of so many misteries – one of the key things I was always curious about is what is under the gigantic Maelstorm. Now we can see it, it is the Elemental Plane where lies a huge structure called the World Pillar which holds our world together. Unfortunately when Deathwing emerged from under he hit this Pillar which got seriously damaged and it is the players duty to fix this problem otherwise Azeroth will collapse (and no more money for Blizzard? Oh my God!).
Now we could talk about a bunch of different things now like new dungeons, raids, achievements, talents, the new profession archeology but I really want to give you something that you can use right now to have an advantage when Cataclysm hits. First of all what you need to do is to maximize your professions and skills, get all the achievements you desire during the peak time like World Explorer, etc.
Get the best appropriate Heirloom Items for your new Goblin and Worgen characters so you can level fast with them. And now we hit finance. World of Warcraft Cataclysm will bring the meaning of expensive to a new level, as every item, mount, skill up, and so on will be much more expensive than ever before.
I believe that you guys could use a tip for how to make gold right after the expansion hits and you are in luck because you are reading my Cataclysm Guide. So lets get started. Number one: there will be a huge number of low level players just starting their Worgen and Goblin characters. Number two: the question we ask – what will be the item that they are going to be really interested about? Well one thing they are going to do is to gain reputation with their faction. And we know what is the low level reputation item: it is the Silk Cloth. So, advice: stack up as many Silk Cloth as you can because its price will increase immersely as many-many player will want to get reputation fast.
Number three: these new low level characters will need to get their professions up really fast. I think you have already figured where this is going. Yes, you will want to gather low level profession items like Peacebloom, Silverleaf, Earthroot for Herbalism; Copper, Tin, Silver for Mining; Strange Dust, Lesser Magic Essence for Enchanting; Tigers Eye, Copper Bar, Bronze Bar for Jewelcrafting.
Important advice: as you gather these items make sure that you have a bank alt who has How To Start A Business Without Money an own guild so you can store your many items in the bank and in the guild bank tabs.
I wish you happy Business Administration Certificate Salary hunting!:)

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