Business to Business Copy – What Is It and Can I Make Money At It Doing Freelance Copy?

So you might be asking yourself, I have never heard of business to business marketing before, exactly what is it and will it generate enough money for my family to live on? Very simply speaking, Business-to-Business points a reference to businesses that sell product or services to other businesses.
For instance, if you buy pots and pans at a Target store that is a Business to Consumer sale. Target, however, had to do a number of business to business deals that happened before those pots and pans were every put in the store for sale. An artist had to be hired to design the art for the pots and pan package, the paper company that put together the box for pots and pans had to be hired, etc. Do you get the idea?
8 Million Business To Business Companies
All of these companies do business with other businesses that need products and services. The person that tells them about those products and services would be a freelance copywriter. They need sales letters written, product descriptions, copy for sales books, white papers and the list goes on and on.
The good thing about it is you do not have to write to appeal to a consumers emotions, or dig up clever headlines, or sell them on anything. It is a different kind of writing altogether. Why is it different? Businesses need what you are selling! All that is usually needed is a little education on your part about the particular product or service that you are promoting so that your product will stand out above the rest of the competition from a performance and cost level.
Lead Generation
You may not have to even do that, sometimes all you may be required to do is produce a lead, just get the company to simply agree to educate themselves about your product or service. You are simply marketing your business to another business in such a way that you provide knowledge about how your products or services will save them money and show how your product or service outperforms what they have to the point that it will benefit them to buy what you are promoting.
What Kind Of Money Can You Make?
On average for a properly educated and trained freelance copywriter the prices you can charge to a business to business company are as follows:
For layout suggestions and ad copy you can charge Best Online Business To Start With No Money $1,500 for a full page, 600 to 700 word ad..
For a full one page press release you can charge $1,250 starting out. You can increase your prices as you grow and your talents and skills become known.
Lead generator pages $2,500, email marketing pages up to five pages $1,500, and direct mail package $2,500.
Telephone script for a sales team with follow up letters and email $2,500.
Web content for sales pages $2,500.
Copy for brochure Investment Banking People Moves $1,500.
Newsletter for an email, plus one personal short message, one article measuring 500 words, and one short three to four sentence blurb concerning an offer $1,250.
White papers are where the real money is at, you can charge $5,000 to $10,000 dollars for 7 to 10 pages on a companies bio!
One Project Can Grow
As you can see from the project above and the money involved you could be the go to guy for a business to business company and never have another client! There is a unique marketing skill you can produce for every stage along the marketing process. If you can master them, then you can stay at home and run it all from your home office, doing the work on a project by project basis and never have to advertise your services on the web again!
A few clients like this is all you need and there is a 8 million company business to business market out there that is dying to hire a competent freelance writer with skills at all these levels. In fact there is a sever shortage as I write this.
Master A Niche
If you do not want to concern yourself with writing brochures, or sales scripts, or web content, then you can simply write white papers for the rest of your career and have all the money you desire. A couple white papers a month, on average, will bring in (on the low end) $10,000 a month or $120,000 a year. White papers on average can be done in 7 to 10 business days, so you can make that kind of money and still have time off to vacation and write your own agenda. If you think I am pulling your leg just go to a freelance writer’s site and ask what they charge for doing a white paper. The bucks are there, all you have to do is get educated, get your own website, and troll for your first clients, the rest is money in the bank!

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