Business Marketing: How to Attract and Sustain Fans on Social Media

When a business requires intense marketing, then developing strategies and implementation in turn require greater effort in order to produce dividends. Social marketing requires as much effort, except that once the plan materializes, then the sky is the limit.
Campaigns that previously started out well and consequently failed did not realize that there is more to marketing than just creating a fan page and inviting the world. One needs to understand the various techniques and features, when and how to use them, and not just simply because they are there for the taking. The main reason social media has achieved their present heights of success is because of the level of interactivity: the give and take activity is most suited to this type of marketing.
An article review advised ignoring ‘quality fans’ and recommended quantity. It is easy to choose the quick and easy route and gain hundreds of fans within days, but these fans will be likely to leave as quickly and easily as they entered. It is wiser to invest time and monitor the influx. The purpose should be to retain the fans and continue increasing their number. Decline in popularity will ultimately cause decline in business, and lower chances of regaining it.
The more the merrier
The following overview of information provides an insight of how to foster one’s fans on Facebook:
• The fan page should either be a Facebook page itself or a ‘Business Page,’ which users can directly enter in place of the ‘wall.’ Adding a landing tab to the Facebook landing page should be able to make this functional.
• Users need to be tempted to the page. Providing them with a lucrative offer should serve the purpose. Offer some ‘secret surprise’ so that they can ‘like’ the page.
• Providing call-to-action buttons and quality content in status updates on which the fans can leave their comments is a way to start a chain reaction. The fans will invite people from their circle to join in, and the circle will thus widen.
• It is also advisable not to reveal all the information at once. Provide deeper links and disclose gradually. The next step should have a more lucrative offer than the previous.
• Provide links where necessary.
• Provide information and pictures of the staff working behind the scenes.
• The fan page link should be added to the signature in all business correspondence and business media tools such as brochures and newsletters.
• Insert a fan page widget to websites where applicable.
• Connect the fan page with other social media networks by selecting the tab ‘Follow me on Facebook.’
• Upload photographs and video. Motion tends to attract.
• Advertise through Simple Contract Agreement Facebook ads.
• Tag the fan page when updating status.
• Exchange favors: if someone offers to ‘like’ your page in return for the same, do How To Be Successful In Business Pdf so. You too can offer to exchange ‘likes’ with them, provided their content is relevant.
• Appreciating fans in the most polite manner goes a long way.

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