Business Event Planning 101 – Finding the Right AV Equipment Company

The Audio Visual Partnership Advantage
Conference technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, bridging geographic gaps that once seemed insurmountable. An experienced audiovisual company specializes in the creation of superior presentation environments, helping your company communicate more effectively and efficiently with prospects and users from multiple geographic locations and in multiple media formats. But how do you know which AV vendor is right for you?
Does your vendor take the time to really find out about your event? Events aren’t just about the number of screens and the equipment you’re using. And for many equipment rental companies, that’ all they want to know. How many screens? How many visitors? Budget? When do you need ’em? Most businesses setting up an event aren’t Jakarta Post News Index fully versed on all the different technology available to them. You want to find a vendor who can give you multiple options and really ask you how you’ll be interacting with your audience and suggest equipment that’s right for you. While this might sound like an upsell, they’re trying to improve the quality of your event.
Consider this: people absorb information in a variety of ways. For visual people, a teleconference just won’t get the job done. For auditory learners, an executive summary or white board won’t make much of a difference. But when you combine the power of audiovisual rentals and video during a corporate event, your audience is hooked on your delivery, and your message gets across loud and clear.
Does your AV vendor train presenters to use the equipment? Tech meltdowns are not uncommon in events. We have all either witnessed it first hand or been a part of it. The underlining cause is that the person using the equipment is rarely the one setting it up, doesn’t understand the equipment, and the vendor who installed it didn’t communicate how to use it. This is especially problematic when you consider how complex conferences and tradeshow technology is becoming. Ask your vendor what type of training support they provide for the equipment.
How big will your support team be? If you have a large event, and your AV company is giving you one onsite support person during the event, this is a problem. How Much Does A Business Owner Make Ask about the number of people provided to support the event. Also ask, what typical issues arise with the equipment, and who will be handling those issues.
Are they local, regional, or national? If the nature of your product or business requires you to travel to client sites to demonstrate your product in trade shows or conferences multiple times year, using the same AV partner will minimize the amount of preparation and planning needed for each event. Then it’s best to find a partner who has a shop close to you with a national or regional range, that way you’re not waiting days for equipment to be delivered, you’re not paying extra fees for delivery and pick up and you’re also not reexplaining your event to a new vendor each time.
By joining forces with a reputable audiovisual rental company, you’re not just getting the right equipment, but also knowledge about new technology, troubleshooting skills, and you’re purchasing an insurance policy against tech failure. Don’t be afraid to ask potential vendors a lot of questions and be forth coming about your event details.

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