Bollards (Their Uses)

A short vertical post, that is essentially what a Bollard is, they used to be used on a quay for mooring and a bollard was just one post, they would always be seen where large ships dock. However now Bollards are often found in multiples (an example, they are arranged in a line to stop the flow of traffic).
The word ‘Bollard’ is related to the word ‘Bole’ Cnbc Market Data this refers to the lower tree trunk.
They are rigid posts often arranged in lines to close paths and roads to vehicles; they are spaced out at intervals so that no size vehicle will fit through, this in turn Agribusiness Definition separates pedestrians from traffic. In some cases they are spaced out at special intervals so ordinary cars are blocked, but special sized vehicles can still fit through.
Road traffic Control heavily rely on the uses of these, their Bollards are usually tall and slim, made from orange plastic or a fluorescent red plastic, they have reflected tape attached to them and are mounted in heavy rubber bases. To help prevent movement the bases is made from recycled plastic and can very easily be glued to the surface of the road. Traffic Cones are also used for these purposes but are much easier to move out of the way, making the Bollard the preferred choice.
Another type is the ‘rising bollard’, these can be lowered so they are completely underneath the surface of the ground and this enables traffic to pass through. When needed they can be activated and rise up from the ground to create a sturdy barrier.

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