Best Mobile Phone Apps for Bad Weather Commutes

Trapped in a cold snap, Britain’s transport systems have ground to an unhappy halt. In Scotland, the icy roads are strewn with abandoned cars after bad conditions left drivers with no choice but to stay the night in their vehicles or get out and walk to shelter. Trains are operating under delays and snow continues to keep schools closed in the northeast. With these conditions, it’s now more important than ever to get the latest travel information before you travel to manage your journey or simply stay at home.

Here’s a round-up then of mobile phone apps that are proving helpful to commuters heading Characteristics Of An Enterprise out extra early in the morning without knowing how they’re going to make it home.

Train travellers

This is a popular mobile phone app that lets you search for train timetables as well as buy train tickets directly. This is a great resource if your journey is disrupted by snow or ice and you need to change your journey to avoid cancelled services.

Agant’s UK Train Times for iPhone

This is an excellent app for up-to-date train information. Supplied with data from Network Rail you can check live departures and arrivals. Most practically you can download the train times to save on your phone so you can still check your details if you’re on the Underground or in other network blackout zones.

Tube travellers


On the one hand, Tube commuters are less likely to be affected by the snow of travellers coming in on overland trains. On the other, the Tube is constantly subjected to delays. Check out Tuberun, an excellent journey planner for you phone. Like Agant for the Underground, this app will provide real-time train arrival times and travel information as well as a journey planner.

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Help for Entrepreneur Magazine Media Kit Drivers

Live Traffic Info from the Highways Agency

This is a comprehensive mobile travel app that will get you up-to-date information on how traffic is moving on all of England’s major roads and highways. Plan your journey to avoid traffic hotspots – though be careful using your mobile phone whilst on the road.

RAC Traffic

Of course the greatest disruptions are currently in Scotland, with severe conditions in Wales and Northern Ireland and the Highways Agency only covers English Road. The RAC’s travel planner app doesn’t leave anyone out with information on roads over the whole of the UK. Check out your routes before you leave the office for any traffic incidents, roadworks and general congestion.

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