Be a Top Forever Living Intl Distributor With These Tips

Can you be successful as a Forever Living Intl Distributor? Is it possible to market their products and business opportunity effectively and successfully?
In short, the answer is yes. You can be successful as an FLP distributor if you apply universal marketing principles. FLP is like all other companies in the sense that it has a product and money is only made if you sell that product. Doesn’t sound complicated, does it?
So how can you do it in a way that you will be successful?
You have to learn how to market. Now, you don’t have to become a marketing genius, but you do have to understand certain marketing principles and learn how to apply them.
For example, marketing is not chasing and begging. Marketing is not making a list of Businessman Salary In Us 100 friends and family and beg them all to come over and look at your products.
Marketing is placing your offer in front of people that are looking for it and are in a position to act upon it.
So, how do you apply these techniques to Forever Living Intl?
First, decide what you want to market. Do you want Investing Today’S Market to market the product or the opportunity?
Second, you create a lead capture page that is geared either to get the attention of those looking for better health, or those looking for an opportunity.
Third, make videos or write articles with the intention of attracting people to read the articles or view the videos and you then direct them to your lead capture page. Once they enter their information, you can then contact them personally and offer your products or business.
Is this what your previous upline taught you? Probably not.
When you build your Forever Living business this way, you’re not bugging anyone. You’re not harassing anyone. People find the articles you wrote because they were looking for it. They then visit your lead capture page because they were interested in further information. Then, when you contact them, they’re excited because they requested that you contact them.

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