Automate Part of Your Sales Using Online Classifieds

Small businesses often struggle with the cost of much needed advertising for their products and services. Unlike their larger competitors, small businesses need to account for every cent that they put into building a customer base and measure conversion rates and costs. Expensive television, newspaper and radio ads often require a high frequency of display to create a true impact and draw in the consumers making it even harder for small firms to use these media. So what can you do to effectively advertise your products and services to increase your sales?
Automate at least part of your sales. One way of doing this is by building your own website to display your products and services. This is a vital tool and for any company and to not have one in this day and age is true folly. It is inexpensive and there are literally hundreds of websites that provide development and design services for a nominal fee. Make sure you have pictures and videos on your website with briefs on all your products and services.
The major problem faced with websites is getting them to rank high in search results on the major search engines. This requires months of optimization and monitoring on an almost daily basis. Some of the easier ways to get links to your company website include free directories and link exchanges with relevant websites. But there’s an even easier, more targeted, interactive way of doing this.
Online classified websites provide users the ability to post free ads along with pictures and videos. The demand for such sites is insatiable with businesses and individuals advertising on many popular classified websites as they possibly can. However, to use this tool effectively you need to use as many available features to make your ad noticeable.
The trick in successfully using online classifieds lies in the quantity and quality of ads you post, the frequency with which you post these ads and the websites you cover. Search for websites that cater to your niche by simply searching one of the major engines for the product or service you’re selling. Taking a car dealer in Karachi Pakistan as an example, you can simply search for ‘used cars for sale in Karachi’ and select from the search results on the first three pages. Look for sites that have frequent daily postings, allow your posted ads to be linked and have a free upload feature for pictures and videos.
The first ad you place should be one for your company. Your company name, profile, logo and pictures of some of your best products should all be a part of the ad. If you don’t already have a corporate video, make an inexpensive but professional video using your personal digital camera or camcorder. Keep it under forty five seconds and have the CEO make the sales pitch. Show your facilities, products, employees at work or any feature that will help your company stand out of the crowd. Upload this video. If the website allows you to subscribe to inexpensive features like prominent placement in search or on the home page, subscribe to this package for the corporate ad.
Now do the same for all your products and services. Make individual ads for each product and add pictures and a video selling that particular product. Keep these videos for less than thirty seconds as this will ensure that the viewer’s attention is not lost. A great way to get people to view your ad or video is by throwing in free giveaways and discounts. Mention this in your ad title and in your video. Use other sales tools to make your ad more attractive and noticeable. Make sure to delete or disable ads for sold products or discontinued services. Ad as much detail and information as you can to allow the buyer to make an informed decision.
Post your ads in groups and post these groups frequently during the day. In other words, if you’re selling thirty cars, make groups of three to four cars and post these groups at intervals of an hour or two. This will allow your ads to show up on top of the relevant searches within online classifieds and since How To Create A Business Plan For A Loan they will appear close together, the chances of someone clicking your ad increase. Keep adding new products and removing sold ones to keep your ads current. Remember to post on as many popular websites as you can. Mention your contact details, contact person, website and any other details you can thinks of.
You will soon see responses coming to your ads pouring in. The task of responding to queries through this ad and the job of posting ads can be dedicated Where Are The Sba Headquarters Located to the same individual. Make sure your replies are immediate and that you provide the buyer with answers to their specific questions.
So how did you automate your sales? The sales task is limited to writing copy for an ad and pitching the product or service on video. The selling process has been converted to a logistical one for posting ads frequently across several websites. The videos, pictures and text in the ads are doing the selling. Your actual task of selling on the floor will be reduced as you find customers responding to your ad with a decision on what to buy before they walk into your office or showroom. It might not eradicate the need for a sales team but it will surely reduce the time spent on a sale, allowing each sales person to sell more cars and hence, reducing the need for a large sales team. Executed effectively, you will see a significant rise in sales and inventory turnover and a drop in costs.

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