Are You Getting Enough Attention?

Especially for small businesses and nonprofits, the answer is usually “No.”
They don’t have enough (or any) PR and marketing staff, they can’t afford an agency, and the owner or director doesn’t have the time to do what needs to be done to attract media attention and potential customers.
They are very good at what they do, but PR and marketing are outside of their realm of their expertise.
It’s such a shame, because it works!
And just think for a moment – in an unusual twist – how “history” can be part of your PR plan. Here are some specific ideas I hope you can implement.
Each one of them would involve a press release, messages sent out via social media and event-related websites, a prominent posting on your own website (and how is it, by the way?), something “physical” like a flier or poster widely distributed in your community, to your existing clients, and onsite, announcements made at community meetings (Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, etc.), personal calls to centers of influence (COIs) in your community asking them to attend (and ask if you can let others know they’re coming), and onsite promotion at your place of business and outside if you can.
• Celebrate the anniversary of your founding (every five years).
• Celebrate your founder’s birthday (can you get the family involved?).
• Celebrate a national holiday with a special promotion (especially if there’s a local List Of Business Ideas connection; did George Washington pass through your town? Play up his birthday!).
• Piggy-back on a community celebration (others will do some of the marketing for you!).
• Support a popular local history initiative (you will be a local hero).
• Contact your local historical society, museum, or public library and help create a local history initiative (often, these places have projects on their wish list they can’t afford to do).
Here’s what will happen. The media will pay attention to you because you are showing an interest in local history. Spun right, and using a terrific spokesperson and good writing, you will get the attention you so well deserve from the media, your loyal customers, and new customers.
But you can’t stop there! Think of ways to reward people for coming in as a result of your media campaign. And what’s the next, related piece of news you can send out there?
Repetition counts. Think of your next big PR idea as the start of a campaign and map out ideas for the rest of the year. Some of the ideas listed above seem like one-shot-deals, Business News Fox but they don’t have to be. Once you establish your interest in local history, you can “milk it” for years to come, and you will establish a wonderful reputation!
Enjoy it!

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