An Assignment For Indian Media

There was once a time where I would sit in front of the TV just for the news, not for any sitcoms or movies. Indian News channels about 5 years ago were run by professionals who knew what exactly the definition of news was. According to me news meant intelligence, but sadly not anymore.
Now it has become more of who presents the news in a more dramatic way, if we wanted such drama then we have movies right! We want intelligent news not a flavored, cherry-topping information (which is apparently the definition for entertainment).
Take for example the recent wedding of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, or that of Sania Mirza. All the media ran helter-skelter to get the first pics, they are still doing it even now. Any news channel I switch its about the wedding, WHO THE HELL WANTS TO KNOW WHOM THEY MARRIED ITS THEIR LIFE? The people have matured enough but the media is growing premature with each day. There was the case of Aishwarya Rai’s wedding again which took place for three days and the news channels had there for three days. OK! I know these are celebrities, fine then just make a mention of it then, why run all over to get the coverage, don’t you (the Indian media of course)have any other useful, intelligent, educative information to be shown?
Take a lesson from BBC, the world’s number 1 and best news broadcasters, any celebrity news or anything like that they have it in the news strip and they don’t even make a mention of it, because they know people there they don’t even want to know, they are busy with their own lives.
The problem with Indian media is that we have at least over 100 news channels who rate themselves as number 1, then that means we have over 100 number one Indian news channels, which are unknown outside (ironic isn’t it!). On the other side there is a BBC which is known all over the world, who don’t even publicize themselves, in fact they don’t need to. Its not just BBC, even CNN also show what I call intelligent news.
The main difference between Indian news channels and BBC (or CNN) is that, the latter broadcast intelligent news and the former broadcasts flavored news.
According to me the biggest catalyst for change in India is The Indian Media, unless they take a leaf out of the notebook Business For Sale Near Me from BBC or CNN or something like that, we won’t change. I just hope for the best every time i turn on the TV..
One more thing, thanks for the Bharat Bandh, we are saved Nbc News Technology And Science from one more big Flavored News (MSD’s wedding).
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